Former Obama Officials May Be Indicted As Durham Report Nears Completion, Rumors Of Charges Incoming

Former Obama Officials May Be Indicted As Durham Report Nears Completion, Rumors Of Charges Incoming. As John Durham prepares his report on Obamagate rumors erupt that the DOJ is preparing criminal charges which could even include Joe Biden.

Democrats must be sweating over this news and I’m sure Trump and his team are prepared to launch their campaign messaging as soon as the news drops.

This could dramatically shift the tides of the 2020 election


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Written by Tim Pool

Tim Pool brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in Politics and Cultural issues around the world. Stay tuned for live news, livestreams, breaking stories, everyday and a new podcast episode of "The Culture War" every Sunday at 4pm. Use the email below for any business inquiries.


  1. Tim you know what would make you a lot better you know what will make you great stop pretending to be smart and just be yourself stop stuttering and explaining yourself and worrying just tell the truth and tell what you see I'm so sick of hearing it from you why don't know if it's true but it sure seems that it looks like it's true but you don't even say that you just say I don't know if it's true blah blah blah it just looks like it you are a p** let hippie take over the show and you just produce

  2. Tim!!!!! You are missing the mark here. Uranium One is the worst and fully illegal ation of the Obama admin. All the key players in Russia Gate were the same actors on the Uranium / Puttin deal! There had to be a diversion. And that diversion is through GOP off track on Investigation Uranium One. Flynn was in service during Uranium One and was against it! Flynn knows were all the lies are hidden and who propagated these lies. Read The Book, Clinton Cash! It points out the illegality of Uranium One, Bribes, convictions but yet the deal went through, a really bad deal! Democratic leaders need to keep a delusion diversion going or their asses will be in jail. They are hoping Dem's win the election to make all this investigating the investigators disappear with ne Admin!

  3. It's not that complicated Tim , they needed to get rid of Flynn who would have been in a position that would discover the depth of the previous administrations corruption .

  4. Do you think people will realize that their hatred for Trump was based on Lies from the Obama administration and false narratives from mainstream media? Will they let go of the hate?

  5. Here's a question. What is more important? Being morally consistent, or being right? And here's the kicker. To the observee, they both amount to the same, but to the observer, they do not, since morality itself is individually arbitrary. Being correct or incorrect is more of a hard and fast science, although completely subjective and arbitrary in itself depending on culture, race, and the human condition itself.

  6. Tim, the REAL SCARY thing about the Durham investigation… if Hillary had won, we would've heard NOTHING of all the "accused" wrong doings of the Obama administration… business as usual.

  7. Bring them all down, from the Clintons to the Obama's and everyone between. Take them all to GITMO and hang them all. They don't belong on American soil.

  8. World health Organization: Time line by 2 different doctors. The WHO needs to be held accountable
    Reference books from past Corona Virus:

    Who is Director General Tedros? A politician not a medical Doctor? With very close ties to China.

    How China influenced this.

    CDC time line, Dr Fauci knew chloroquine worked in 2005

    facts are here.

    When they suppressed the news about HCQ in March, I figured out that there was something fishy about this disease. They had a cure and nobody needed to die anymore. I thought everything was over then.

    The facts are clear HCQ works it saves lives, Main stream media the CDC, FDA and The WHO need to be charged for crimes against humanity. They helped spread the virus early, they blocked known treatments and supported trials they knew were fake. NY,NJ and California sent known Covid patients into nursing homes. Millions lost jobs, lost there homes for a virus that 99.7% live with out a vaccine.

  9. Here’s what freaks me out….had everything gone as planned, and Killary won, all of this would have been kept secret forever. So how many times did things go as planned? How many times did Obama do something incredibly shady and got away with it? We now know they are capable of heinous acts. How many more need uncovered?

  10. I CAN’T WAIT for the liberal media to report this!… OH WAIT, THEY WON’T
    Democrat voters won’t care. They still voted for LYING CRIMINAL HILLARY

  11. Trump is going to win by a Landslide ..Democrats will turn on each other .All their lies and cover ups will surface. Which will be their total downfall. Just saying!! Dominoes' Affect…

  12. That's exactly why the DIMS have pushed their bullshit investigations for the last 4 years so they can "place" an inept POS like ByeDense in office at ALL COSTS to be able to get rid of all the evidence and never put anyone behind bars. Business as usual ripping off Haiti, Ukraine, and the tax payers.

  13. Obama belongs in prison but none of them will go to prison. Hey maybe if Kamala gets elected she will put him in prison, she loves putting black people in prison.

  14. I just saw this segment. No one but Clinesmith is going to be indicted. Nobody. About 4 FBI officials had recommendations for charges. None have been charged. Barr nor Durham is going after anyone really. Durham will issue a scathing report. That's it. The only reason they got Clinesmith is the faked documents could not be ignored. I saw some lawyers talk about it recently. If they were going after anyone else they would have charged Clinesmith with the max and tried to get him to wear a wire for instance. They gave him the minimum charge and penalty. And did not use pressure on him to get a reduced sentence by issuing a certain document that says if he cooperates and they get results they will recommend leniency like Mueller did. No raids on anyone's office or home like with Mueller, etc. It's a cover up and Barr and Durham are involved.

  15. It's not complicated comey said bluntly that it was early enough in the new administration, so he took the opportunity and sent people over to Flynn, Notes reveals that they made a trap for flynn! Comey Is corrupt.. And peter strzok is a son of a bitch.

  16. Protecting the Clintons and Obamas, the legitimacy of the Democrat Party is why their is so much hysteria. If crimes are exposed, that will start a fight. The Left will cry setup, the right will scream conspiracy.

  17. And a few months later the election swinged not by the hand of the DoJ, but by the hands od Democrats themselves, financing crimes with ActBlue. To the point of them throwing temper tantrums demanding the right to cheat with mail ballots.