Former Pharmaceutical Rep Details How Oxycontin Took Over

Taken from JRE #1873 w/Brigham Buhler:

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  1. This is why healthcare should not be treated like a capitalist industry. It's needs to be nationalised, protected, and run on socialist ethics. Nothing wrong with making profit in helping people, but it shouldn't be exploited.

  2. It's pretty impossible to trust people in the medical field. I've had a really bad head injury and when I went to my new neurologist the dude hadn't even looked at my medical history before the appointment. Needless to say I changed to a different doctor.

  3. Man in my country when I was in hospital bcs I was addicted on heroine this is what give you most important medicine is diklofenak,then bensedin(bromazepan) and maybe flormidal,people who die from cancer don't give metadon or trodon morfin but diklofenak or something what don't have opoids! I was always against that have many in family who was watch die in pain and don't wish give them trodon or metadon bcs they can make addiction " who care for addiction man die left maybe month what if he overdose I say good let him overdose at least will die without pain and happy"!!!

  4. My mom got addicted to pain pills after she broke her foot when I was a kid. It almost destroyed my parents marriage. My dad actually went to her doctors and told them to cut her off because she's addicted. She kept changing doctors to keep getting them.

  5. I think that the adhd meds open the door for addiction in 20-40 year olds dealing with opioid Addiction. I believe Medicating children with stimulates opens up pathways for addiction. Some of these children our four and five years old. I would like to know the numbers on people addicted to opioids and if they were medicate as children with adhd meds.

  6. Corruption is like a law of nature. It’s the like the Gordon Gecko monologue – where greed is good. Government. Health care. Pharma. Armed forces. You name it – nowhere is safe territory. It’s endemic. It’s reality. It’s important that the public is informed on this – and the bought and paid for media is not your friend to achieve this.

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