Former top Pentagon advisor Col. Doug Macgregor on Russia-Ukraine war

Former senior advisor the Secretary of Defense Col. Doug Macgregor joins Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate for a candid, live discussion of the Russia-Ukraine war and his time in the Trump administration when an Afghan withdrawal was sabotaged and conflict with Iran and Syria continued.

Written by The Grayzone

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  1. Col Macgregor Know full well you can't win a war with one hand tied behind your back…hearts and minds will only go so far ,then the very dirty business will begin i'm so very sorry to say.

  2. 5:48 Avoid property damage… riiiight. I understand playing devil's advocate for the sake of sane perspective, but no one on earth can say that Putin has been operating to inflict as little damage as possible. As far as seized equipment goes, there have been "exchanges" between both side, with Russia and Ukraine forfeiting stockpiles of weapons.

    As I listen more and more, this guy is off. Russia has not been avoiding fields to protect crops, and there are even reports of them taking farming equipment to help with digging in, fortified areas, which is what Ukraine should be worried about.

    12:20 The first big move was Russia traipsing through the poorest areas and blaming Ukraine for the mayhem. They knew what they were doing. There is certainly collateral damage expected, innocents killed, but things like bombing bread lines and shelters is undeniably happening and disgusting.

    I can't sit here all day and fact check this guy, but take everything that you hear with a massive grain of salt. Anyone who tries to defend Vietnam gets a "not worth my time" pass.

  3. Macgregor says that Adolfo Putin consider Ukrainian people as hi is. jajajaja Bravo! Putin don't murder civilians. Macgregor go to Russia, Adolfo Putin should have a place for you. Really sad

  4. I would really like Doug to explain what the fuck an elite Marxist is… that's just fucking hogwash. Good interview otherwise, well other than him denying the US targeting Vietnam civilians, but the man was in the military, of course he would still spew their propaganda.

  5. They’re pulling the trigger on the Russian regime change they’ve wanted for over a century. The sanctions aren’t being lifted until Russia gives control to the west.

  6. What a breath of fresh air to hear a US military man speaking sense and truth! Good bless the colonel and The Grayzone – fantastic. Why independent media is so vital!

  7. This is not Ukraine's war, this is the evil US regime trying to eliminate Russia and President Putin. They will not succeed and it will backfire on them big time. The USA needs to be defeated once and for all as they simply have so much blood on their hand due to wars and regime changes that should never have happened. When I say the USA – I mean their leaders – not the man on the street.

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