Former Trump Advisor Jason Miller DETAINED Brazilian Feds, Democrats CHEER In Sign Of Cold Civil War

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  1. I do love how the left are using this as some sort of gotcha, when that Brazilian Supreme court judge who ordered this has a long track record of corruption and he is a radical communist… But as ever with the useful idiots on they left, they only see things in black and white. Trump support bad, so this is good. Ok, so if an open fascist in a foreign country, with a long history of corruption detained one of your people for talking with or maybe even working with their political opposition (who was elected to government to get rid of the damned communists by the way) its ok and you should f*cking cheer it on like the good little sheeple you are?. I really hope one day these people end up being detained for political reasons just so they can experience it and then I would like to ask if they think their detainment was justified and worth celebrating.

  2. Ulysses S Grant owned slaves mate
    He in fact was brutal in tortured them when they didn't obey him

    He was much worse than many
    He actually enjoyed killing them
    He seen them even less than as free labor

  3. Müller was retained by one Judge from supreme court, Alexander Moraes, to be forced to open an office in Brazil. So a legal representative could be sued. They are looking after all alternative media. Election Tribunal has suspended monetization of almost all channels in YouTube. They noticed Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Getter to suspend it too. They don't know that there is no monetization on this ones. They are just shutting down all president supporters. A civil war is comming…

  4. Anti democratic acts = trying to take power from tyrants and speaking for the people and truth

    All there saying is just personal attacks and strawman. I feel bad for the people brainwashed by this bs

  5. I do have to agree!! I think that the government MSM is trying very hard to push us into a civil war so they can bring in UN . They have been keeping us all focused on the BS going on in America so we are not paying attention to what is really going on abroad . We need to make the changes even if we end up in war we are already at war . With the trump administration we at least had someone speaking daily !! I have not seen anybody there all missing ? No clarity at all but a president who keeps telling us he is told what to do by others ???and that doesn’t bug anyone that this idiot isn’t even the idiot in charge ?

  6. I mean the left as a whole is just fine with leaving Americans in other countries. Look at Afghanistan and then we had mcafee locked up in Spain and now an American CEO in Brazil. THEY WOULD RATHER LET AMERICANS ROT!

  7. Abbott and the Texas legislature better get their act together NOW!
    Time for a Texas Army, time for Abbott to arrest the Democrats legislators that illegally fled, time for Abbott to arrest the released illegal aliens as he promised.
    PUT UP or SHUT UP !!!!!!!!

  8. The truth is that the STF committed a series of arbitrariness. There were 6 illegalities in just one process, the so-called “fake news” process:
    1- the STF opened the investigation, violating the competence of the Public Ministry. The judges do not have the power to accuse or initiate an investigation. It cannot be the STF who initiates the investigation, but the MP.
    2- in the process opened by Toffoli, he appointed Alexandre de Moraes as responsible without the draw, infringing not only the internal regulations of the STF but also the code of criminal procedure. Processes cannot be distributed without a lottery.
    3- the object of the investigation is undefined, not indicating a specific fact to be investigated. This is the most serious abuse because in practice it creates a police state in Brazil, leaving anyone under a permanent state of investigation into any statement that, in the subjective opinion of the ministers themselves, affects the honor or safety of the STF. The court leaves it open as to whether or not it considers future acts as likely to be framed, that is, the investigation would even cover the future. Not only the code of criminal procedure but also the resolution of the MP's advice require the indication of the fact to be investigated. It is therefore illegal to investigate without a determined fact.
    4- the STF is not competent to judge criminal matters that are not related to high authorities listed in the constitution, or an infraction committed within the court. The STF tried ordinary citizens in this case, such as journalists, and justified it by saying that the crime was inside the court, even though it wasn't, because it “affects the honor or safety of the court”.
    5- the inquiry affects constitutional freedom of expression. There are already constitutional remedies to punish excesses, but by opening this inquiry without indicating a precise fact, and leaving open the inclusion of future occurrences, the court creates a witch hunt inhibiting criticism of the court.
    6- the STF included none other than the president of the republic as a defendant in this inquiry for propagating “fake news” against the electoral system. Now, the president asks for the adoption of the printed vote as he considers the current system susceptible to fraud, an opinion shared by several specialists in the area. The question is still that the congress definitively approved the printed vote in 2015. In other words, if the congress approved its adoption by a majority, logically it is because they considered that the current system is insecure, and therefore susceptible to fraud. So Congress uttered “fake news” in 2015 by enacting a law? Of course not. This opinion is shared by experts, in addition to the empirical fact that almost no country in the world uses this system. The printed vote only did not happen because the former attorney Raquel Dodge asked the STF in 2017 for its illegality, and the STF upheld it, annulling the law already decided in Congress. The argument used was that if an urn broke, the inspector who opened it for repair could see the votes and this would violate the confidentiality of the vote. In other words, even when the STF decided that the printed vote was illegal, it was not because it considered the current system to be safe, but because of an extraordinary nature, a rare breach of confidentiality in case of damaged ballot boxes. So there is no logic in coming to say today that any criticism of the ballot box is an anti-democratic fake news attack on our electoral system because this same criticism was a matter decided by the plenary of Congress in 2015 with a favorable result to the insecurity of the system. questioned by the STF or when it made the law already approved as illegal.

  9. Ted Wheeler banned trade with Texas and got reamed out by other Democrats, because Democrats desperately require Republicans to separate, they require the Right to secede in order to act like them allowing Chinese military upon American soil is for a just and righteous purpose. Ted Wheeler all but exposed the end goal, to treat the political opposition as the "enemy" to be feared, and so far it's blatantly failed. Far too many just want to be left alone and do not buy into this fanaticism, the Democrats come 2022 and 2024 are in severe troubles…Hence why I believe the Biden Admin will declare martial law prior to ever losing power again and be sued into the ground.

  10. I see many people here commenting on Tim's attitude toward the news and his choice of words, instead of the topic of the video. I guess "who" says it, is more impotant than "what" is being said. lol. Internet sure is funny

  11. Nah, I don't think so. If Hillary Clinton were arrested in some Philippines child sex trafficking scandal, sentenced to rot in a foreign prison there would be celebration all over the world, including the US. Nothing to do with the times we're in.

  12. Robert E. Lee an insurrectionist? For going against a railroad lawyer who created the Pacific Railway Act less than a year into office? Establishing Chicago as railway hub. A year before "releasing" slaves. Sorry Republicans but the establishment take over started with Lincoln. Lincoln pushed big government authoritarianism and was in the pockets of industrialists. Lincoln ruined this country.

  13. Hey Tim
    YOU need to read the declaration of Independence.
    It clearly states that there IS a time when you can throw off the current government & start a new one.
    More than that
    TJ wrote that if you can do something about getting rid of a tyrannical government it is not only your right but your responsibility.
    Grant was wrong.

  14. OK: Wars.

    Wars are deadly. People die. Lots of people. A civil war would be the worst thing that could happen to us.

    But peacefully negotiating a brexit style breakup of states by geographic area… might just be the best thing that could happen to us. We could even stay allies in a loose confederation (not like a racist slavery one, just a baby step away from federalism).

  15. Feeling "critical" in the form of "dismissive" or "skeptical" anger is rampant these days, as people see horrible stories all day, and need to close them. This reflects in real life as they want to close down people, businesses, etc. They should remember that feeling dismissive is a form of anger, and not a constructive emotion.

  16. Pretty sure Chiden already notified the country we’re in a war when he outright labeled 80-100 million Americans as “Bio-terrorist” for not wanting to get jabbed up!

  17. Shame on you Tim, I thought you were smarter than this. Buzz words "Dead beat Dad" written by New York Times fake journalist. Pat yourself on your back for being the purveyor of Left wing propaganda. Why haven't you mentioned that more than half the state if Oregon wants to become part of greater Idaho. We know the last election was hinky. I watched an interview of the guy who designed the voting machine who bragged about how he'd done something to insure President Trump couldn't win. The current people who took over the White House is destroying the country at warp speed. Our Constitution directs us that when our government goes rogue that it is our responsibility to depose and replace with a valid government. The current traitors call it insurrection or sedition. The ultimate authority who decides whether something is legal, the Supreme Court, and yet the current traitors refuse to respect and adhere to their rulings.

  18. You know, a woman wouldn’t have to make the choice to take another humans life because of her reckless decisions if she would just get a shot! And then a booster shot every 3 months…

    But we can’t make them take the shot. My body, my choice! Right?…

  19. Bolsonaro is a puppet and many Braziliam live in a parallel world where there is an imaginary president and imaginary government. And soon they will be even more frustrated than on September 7th, when Bolsonaro capitulated over Alexandre de Moraes.

  20. Tim's argument about the Civil War is like this:

    Woman: Marries man
    Man: Abuses woman
    Woman: Tries to leave man
    Man: Tracks her down and drags her home, then beats her again
    Tim: Your husband sacrificed blood and treasure to establish this union and this debt can never be repaid. You don't just get to leave the union.

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