Former UN Inspector Scott Ritter on What The Hell Is Happening

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  1. The coup was a very violent coup that included a variety of extreme right armed gangs killing people, in many cases in cold blood – including dozens of cops and gov't ministers.

  2. I woke up this morning March the 12th, went for exercise, bought my noodles , back home watched a short entertainment and when I tried to watch progressive media including redacted tonight and 'This channel is not available in your country' darkness message was displayed. The reactionary western powers stupidity ! Just yesterday I still could see the archived videos.

  3. Why not let the ukranian people decide if the want to be ukranian, like we did in Sønderjylland in Denmark…
    And at the same time ask them if they want to be a part of NATO, would that not be most democratic solution?

  4. I agree with him except that Jan 6th was a fake insurection i filtrated and led by A TIFA, FBI and other govt paid actors to negativeley affect Trump and his supporters and damage his political capital

  5. 1. Nazis are running the country. Sure. Meanwhile, 43% of Ukrainian parliament (Rada) are Jewish, 34% Russians, 22% are Ukrainians; The Cabinet of ministers 62% Jewish, 15% Russians, 15% Ukrainians; The president is Jewish. Not a single Ukrainian nationalist has a sit in the parliament or local governments, in fact, they are less than 0,2% of total population. Where are those dangerous secret nazis that no Ukrainian ever saw?
    2. Zelensky did not put NATO in construction , it was already there. 3…Wiping out the city of 1.5 mil people, is a fair military target, Odessa case, his assumption about Crimea about to turn violent when it was given without any resistance to avoid casualties, how he knows the president was threatened to be hanged? how told him? Zelensky? the fact that the absolute majority killed in Donbas were combatants from both sides in the first year of conflict… there is so much bs in this whole video, based on Russian propaganda that it would take hours to educate people. This is just too much misinformation about events and people involved, how could anyone call this journalism? This is embarrassing. He clearly knows nothing about Ukraine, it’s people and it’s history. I’m surprised there are no bio labs conspiracy with trained birds and snakes to kill Russians.

    I’m taking about second half of the video, that’s total bs. I don’t know much about war tactics and strategy, so I can’t comment on the first part.

  6. The leader of Saudi Arabia just laughed in Biden's face when he even refused to take his calls to ask them to increase oil production. I just paid $800.00 dollars for 150 gallons of heating oil. There one is more thing I want to mention, some years ago Putin said something to the affect that the next time if it comes to a world war the US is not going to escape.

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