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  1. If I were a "New" parent, knowing all we know now, I would never have vaccinated my kids. Who knows now if they were "injured" by these vaccines. They definitely could have been affected. I know kids who are not vaccinated and they have different personalities…. Doesn't mean anything, necessarily, but we'll never know now. But what baby needs a hep B vaccine? It's only through sexual contact or blood. A baby is not shooting up. 🤷

  2. Well, there are very few people on the net who can actually say much…. It is far better to let your child have childhood diseases, vaccines are given without any idea what the general health of your child is…. And there has not been enough studies about what these vaccines are doing? These childhood illnesses are natures way of building your immune system and cleansing the body…. Not vaccinated means less doctor visits,,, no one in my family had childhood vaccines,,,, I visited a doctor once as a child, my children visited once as well,,, but if you look at the children today they are always at the hospital or the doctors…

  3. It is good you reminded me of adjuvants. It was during the Gulf War in 1992-93 that many US troops received anthrax vaccines and it is felt that it was the squalene adjuvant that caused injury to so many. There was a big rush to get anthrax protection but anthrax vaccines had never been perfected so the powers to be decided that squalene would cause the immune system to act much more quickly.

  4. As you know the mRNA vaccines were supposed to stay in the deltoid muscle which to me sounds ridiculous because when you inject the contents some would spread into all the microscopic vessels that are in and around the muscle and thus for many millions the spike protein that was made or in the case of the viral vector adenovirus with J and J's vaccine with the spike protein contained in the "vaccine" spread into the general circulation and went to all areas of the body- brains, eyes, heart, testes, ovaries, liver…with clots forming in unlucky people. And the lipid nanoparticles were also dispersed into the circulation. And then there is the question of graphene. The "unlucky" people may undergo complications years out. I also am told that some injections were done low so that maybe the injection contents didn't all get into the deltoid.

  5. My eldest daughter who is 14 has had 2 Pfizer jabs with no side effects so far( so far being the key word) and this was her choice, but our 9 year old twins will not be getting any of the covid-19 vaccines. I don't like any of the covid-19 vaccines, I dont trust any of the covid-19 vaccines,if they were safe there wouldn't be over 200,000 vaccine injuries world wide.

  6. Every vaccine contains mercury and aluminum …. which when you add it up …. exceeds the EPA guidlines for life time mercury …. and the FDA still allows this …. perhaps that is why the AMish have no autism … as the symptoms of autism and the symptoms of mercury toxicity are the very same ….

  7. You good people know as well as I you can spin this around squeeze it out like a wash rag nothing but common Sense will tell you they created this for one reason the CDC and the other organizations will claim it was still in testing to get out of being held responsible I've seen a whole lot of smart people that have been tricked by this ordeal very sad

  8. Bret and Heather don’t even know what vaccines are included in the childhood vaccine schedule, yet they think they are qualified to advise others on whether they should vaccinate their children. Their arrogance astounds me. Find a compassionate, respectful, and knowledgeable physician to guide you, rather than people whose expertise is evolutionary biology.

    And no, live-attenuated vaccines are not always better. For instance, live-attenuated polio viruses can mutate into a pathogenic form on occasion. They are not used in the US for this reason.

  9. Maybe a self spreading vaccine is what they want. Seeing they will stop at nothing short of every fetus and every corpse, regardless of the clear evidence pointing out the futility of their efforts.

    Maybe there is something very dark, even darker than the darkest heart can imagine on the horizon.

    A conspiracy you say? What happens if the conspiracy is true?

  10. I have one child Vax and one not with childhood vaccines and the unvaxed one is healthier than the vaxed one.. they're grown men now and health wise still vaxed one is not as healthy as unvaxed.

  11. Please comment, at some point, on the fact that live attenuated virus vaccines are not appropriate for unvaccinated populations.
    The Gates Foundation funded a lot of the late 1990s-early 2000 polio vaccination programs in 3rd world countries. Which prompted the killings of the polio workers. Why? Because the vaccines were leaving a trail of children in unvaccinated populations who got polio from those vaccines. Because they were inappropriate for unvaccinated populations.
    I asked a person working for the Gates Foundation why they didn't use the Salk vaccine for those populations. "They take too long to produce."
    An important consideration. Time vs safety. Time vs perception of helping. Populations injured and angry vs perception of timeliness.

    Thanks for your work! I love it!

  12. Check out Dr Suzanne Humphries videos (if you can find her on Rumble or the like, she was banned on YouTube) as she has a lot of in-depth information on the background and science of childhood vaccines. Her book Dissolving Illusions was very eye opening, especially the section on smallpox and how the vaccine created worse infection and deaths.

  13. well over 3 billion dollars has been paid out from injuries since the late 80's would suggest these are not safe across the board especially considering the taxpayer funded payouts are only awarded to roughly 10% of those seeking compensation not to mention lifetime gag orders deals struck to the lucky recipients . hence most people aren't aware of the history .

  14. British Medical Journal (BMJ)

    The BMJ just released the results of their research into the source of funds for regulators such as the FDA (America) and TGA (Australia). Big Pharma are the biggest source of funds to regulators by Big Pharma by far.

    Here are the results of how much Big Pharma contributes to their funding by country as a percentage and amount and quoted in British Pounds (£).

    Australia: £95 million = 96% of their funding.

    Europe: £331 million = 89% of their funding.

    UK: £159 million = 86% of their funding.

    Japan: £175 million = 85% of their funding.

    USA: £5 Billion = 65% of their funding.

    Canada: £1.7 Billion = 50.5% of their funding.

    Further to this, but not part of the BMJ research, 85% plus of media funding comes from Big Pharma. So the media are effectively the sales division for Big Pharma.

    Big Pharma are the biggest lobbyists to governments, so they have politicians in their back pocket as well.

    This is systemic corruption and conflicts of interest on a scale never seen before. The people who I feel sorry for are those who were coerced into vaccinations and either died or were injured by vaccines and the mental and emotional trauma on their families.

    Big Pharma makes the drug cartels look like amateurs.

  15. Hey Bret & Heather, Bret u said someone u know is working on a paper & will be out soon. Question is whereabouts would we find this paper once its published? I very much appreciate u both! From Ashley in UK

  16. A live attenuated vaccine for Covid sounds like a great idea, but Covid is a man-made virus and is still a huge unknown, therefore unsafe! I don’t trust that we understand the potential consequences of Covid herd immunity as being safe. Period.
    Agree, adjuvants are insane.

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