FORTY STATES Now Disputing Who The President Is, FBI Targets AG Who Filed The Lawsuit, This Is WAR

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  1. Tim's cyber warfare is all talk. It makes the assumption that nobody is going to do anything. At the end of the day there is either compliance or resistance. If nobody will force compliance then it doesn't matter. If they will enforce compliance then resistance will need to use force as well or it doesn't matter.

    Tim is worried about the left revolting. He bends the knee to them thinking it is the better option. He's wrong.

  2. Can't Trump dismiss the board director of the FBI over this. Intimidating an Individual who currently has a lawsuit docked on the supreme court, should be unconstitutional.

    I could have sworn Intimidation is a criminal offence.

  3. Only reason why north Carolina is defending baden win is cause Roy cooper is our governor and we are still trying to figure out how the hell he even won when trump and Thom won the Senate and state

  4. No TIM. Plan A NEED a plan B and C.
    Plan B need a plan A and B
    PLAN C need a Plan A and B
    Cheat at every angle. We can't take the Chance with TRUMP for 4 more years. TDS did this

  5. The way Civil Wars start (and Revolutionary Wars), they don’t have formal starts. You’re in it before you realize it, then in hindsight you see when it started. These wars begin in the MINDS of THE PEOPLE before they begin in the open. The Dems are doing everything possible to start one. We took their slaves away last time. This time they’re trying to enslave all of us.

  6. Not sure what is worse, this election sham or media compliance in it?
    In Bidens last presidential run he had to pull out for stealing a few speeches and embellishing his academic achievements, small potatoes compared to the laundry list of allegations knocking at his door now.

  7. The fact that the FBI is taking these actions tells you that the anti-trump factions are extremely worried about this lawsuit. That it must have a great deal of Merit and a great deal possibility to reverse or I know these states votes or whatever they're going to do. The fact that antifa is back in business. All of this is thug activity, both into for any FBI, to frighten and scare a position into silence. But it does tell me that they're worried that's a good sign.

  8. I call it a really stupid thing if they try something considering even officers and other authorities in states won't enforce things for them considering all these leftist states aren't the ones with the food supply and everything so who are they going to convince to help fight for the food? It'd be funny if this happens and then Biden tries to get the military to do something and they tell him no.

  9. Texas AG should ignore the FBI's request for records and the state should support him. If Pennsylvania and Georgia can break their own laws in order to appoint a President with the help of their friends in media, social media, the courts and every damn institution, then Texas should start resisting that now. If the Governor decides to enforce this, I am sure a lot of people would support that. What is the FBI going to do?

    I am sorry, I am not American and yet I am pushing this, but America is the only hope. I would say the same for my country. If there was a somewhat right-wing resistance to these authoritarian lunatics, I would accept and support the ensuing chaos in my own country. Michael Malice was right about the police. I am one of those right-wingers who used to respect the ground level officers. I can't help how I feel because I know that a lot of them go in in ignorance. But I have to force myself to conclude these people do not deserve my respect. It's a small thing, but I won't offer to allow them to cut in line in front of me any more. It's a tiny gesture that they won't even know I am doing, but I write it here in order to force myself to stick to this. Screw the police.

  10. If you told me years ago that 20 states would be aligning against another 20 states I wouldn't have believed you, but only because I wouldn't have believed we could find 20 states with the balls to stand up for America and our constitution at the state level of government.

  11. It'd be the best thing to avoid a hot civil war? So you think people would just nod their heads at the Constitution being stepped on for Biden to be president because of it?

  12. The most disgusting thing about all of these vindictive and punitive actions is the underlying motivation. The left, the deep state, the establishment, and powerful cultural venues are all on the same page. These like-minded ideologues deeply resent any attempt at resistance to their goal of establishing a society completely at the mercy to their dictates.

    When Trump is out of office, they will continue to persecute him mercilessly for his “crime” of honoring the livelihood of America’s citizens first and opposing the perennial siren song of socialism.

    To use Donald Trump’s simple but accurate phrasing….”these are bad people.”

  13. The anti-Trump forces would get more legitimate traction and less angst to everyone if they would stop merely writing off numerous obvious cases of election fraud as somehow nonexistent. Our “lying eyes” know they’re wrong.

  14. we as patriots, AS A WHOLE. need to stop recognizing the FBI. wether your in government and your a patriot or your a civilian patriot. stop recognizing the FBI. they are dirty. they have good people for sure!! but they arent weeding out the dirty ones. also, the fact that rep johnson from michigan is basically only getting a slap on the wrist for THREATENING all Trumpers. we need to watch our backs more than ever. America has plenty of officers than can take the place of the FBI. it either needs a total overhaul. or to be disbanded. to be clear, the FBI is the only "law enforcement agency" that needs defunded/disbanded. the Texas governor should NOT comply with them. go around them to a different agency.

  15. And Tim still falls for fake news as always. Actually thinks there is no widespread voter fraud and Joe Biden got more votes than Obama but only in battleground states where he actually HAD to win in to "win" the election.

  16. Supreme Court just rejected the Texas lawsuit. Trump is done. Over 50 cases lost in court no fraud proven. Texas suing to overturn another states election is so un-American. And the Texas Ag is under criminal investigation for fraud