Four European Countries Edge Towards Leaving EU

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Four European Countries Edge Towards Leaving EU

Written by Mahyar Tousi

Political YouTuber | TalkRadio Contributor | Free Trade Brexiteer | Free Speech, Free Markets, Free People | Small Government | Atheist


  1. Fantasy of a collapsing EU !
    Not a word about the collapsing UK ?
    This is just driven by hatred of Europe !
    They don't give a s**t about the damage they do to their own nation and their own people !
    These are freaks !
    These are nutters !

  2. The only certainty with the EU , is when it collapses in tears leaving all Europeans poorer, The likes of Verhofstdat, Junkers and Barnier will just stroll away laughing as multi multi millionaires.
    Whose the stupid ones.?

  3. The biggest measure of how democratic the EU is is the willingness of nation governments to have a referendum. If they had strong convictions they should be openly offering and encouraging referendums.

  4. You guys need to look at a bigger picture
    Your anti Eu views blind you with what’s going on at home
    The EU doesn’t effect your life anything like as much as your own government
    Seriously Russia attacked Georga and the Ukraine because of the EU ?

  5. When people of Europe realise us Europeans are friends & trade freely , businesses trade openly just like they have !!!! The European union are vermin liberal "far left" vermin who want to make more wealth off of it's citizens!!! They are worse than the nazi's!!!!! Just watch how they attack anyone who questions them !!!! True liberal filth!!!!!

  6. French electorate will decide not Macron. If They want a referendum and Macron doesn’t oblige he will be out. Next government elected will be one that offers a referendum.

  7. It is people like you, which we, the public, tend to rely on for news now. What do the ordinary TVs tell us now. Just Coviid-19 problems, running down Boris and co, running down Trump and co and running down the Brits in general from the BBC.

  8. The „Express“ that beacon of truth and first-class journalism. The EU is not democratic? Why you two tosspots think that your opinions have any merit is beyond me. 40% of Scots voted to leave the EU? What about the 60% who voted to remain?

  9. At 6:50, utter total BS! Putin wants Ukraine because he wants to re-create the Soviet Union! Putin did not go to war against Ukraine because he wanted to "save" it from the EU! He went to war in order to make it a part of Russia! And the Ukrainians do not want to be part of Russia and a new Soviet Union! They want to be independent! They also want to be part of the West and as such the EU, because the EU would give them more freedoms and choices than Russia and Putin!
    And if you still haven't got it Putin and Russia are the enemies of every European country! And he will be an enemy even if the EU is dissolved tomorrow! Putin is a dictator and dictators are never friendly towards democracies. Without the EU and NATO it would be much easier for Putin to put pressure on the separate European countries! Just look at how he treats his own people! Do you think that he would treat foreign countries any better?

  10. Unlike these silly on this "channel" gents, I read the news in some of these countries as I speak German and Dutch and the consensus in these countries is that they really do not understand the economic suicide of the UK. You have been part of the only nearby single market with 10 times more people than the UK. The opportunity is gigantic and you failed by maintaining a trade deficit for over 20 years (!!!) You had one job and … you sat on your ass for 20 years and all you did was complain. You could not keep up and you broke away. Now you really think you are going to better with NZ, CA and Japan? You cannot be that stupid? A shame for a country that once saved Europe to now just give up.

  11. So what. None of those four small countries that you mention will leave the EU, as the benefits to them far outweigh the negatives. Stop playing political games & just get on with reporting the British plan, as it's the British exit that will be the measure of success or failure of departure on our own economy. You are both too young to understand the history of Europe in the 20th Century & in my opinion your loose talk is playing with the lives & safety of every European citizen. The recent experiment with Nationalism has proved to be devisive & has failed everywhere it is become popular including Britain, the USA & Brazil. Be careful what you wish for because the results don't appear to support you, after all, just look at the mess that has been created in the countries where the so called populist movement has taken hold. Steve Bannon in the US is already up on some very serious fraud charges & Trump will be the next to fall from grace in November.

  12. The Scottish Nationalist Government Party in Scotland fully support Catalan Independence from Spain.The Scottish Nationalist Government Party Members actively support Catalan Independence from Spain by carrying the Catalan Independence Party Flag at SNP Government Meetings and Conferences.Nicola Sturgeon fully supports Catalan Independence from Spain by Lobbying the European Union to allow a free Democratic Referendum on Catalan Independence from Spain.The Scottish Nationalist Government Party Supporters actively lobby the SNP Government to lobby The Spanish Government to allow a free Democratic Referendum on Catalan Independence from Spain. The Scottish Nationalist Government Party Supporters actively support Catalan Independence from Spain by carrying the Catalan Independence Party Flag at SNP Rallies and Independence Marches.
    Please forward this message to your friends and family relatives in the Catalan Independence Party with our best wishes from the People of the Scottish Nationalist movement.

  13. Rock on Talk Radio! Keep on doing what you do and give us honest debate and opinion! Mahyar and Andre you’re both fantastic – honesty and facts – it’s brilliant that you both give us these ?

  14. Happy Bear, please correct me if i am wrong but i believe David Cameron let all Brits, even those living and working abroad have a voice in the referendum on the E,U.( but only to get his agreement with the E,U ratified) The Scotish Nationalists however cinically calculated that they would ne better off just allowing the people within Scotlands border to vote in their Independence referendum, thus disenfranchising all the many many Scots living and working in the rest of the U.K. What the hell are the Scottish Nationalists doing in Westminster, they only believe in a Democracy that suits them?. .At the very least even the self serving actions of David Cameron appear to be that of a true democrat, whilst that of the S.N.P appear just Machiavellian.and wrong.