Fox 26 Reporter Ivory Hecker Releases Tape of Bosses; Sounds Alarm on ‘Corruption’ & ‘Censorship’


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Investigate & expose corruption, dishonesty, self-dealing, waste, fraud, and other misconduct in both public and private institutions in order to achieve a more ethical & transparent society.

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Rule #8 – Raw Video. In certain circumstances we may release the “raw” video to the press and or the public. But as a rule, we do not.

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Rule #11 – We do not manufacture content. We do not put words in our investigative subjects’ mouths. We do not lead the horse to water. Our purpose is to elicit truth.

Rule #12 – With Great Power comes Great Responsibility.

Written by Project Veritas

Project Veritas was founded by James O'Keefe. The mission of Project Veritas is to investigate and expose corruption, dishonesty, self-dealing, waste, fraud, and other misconduct in both public and private institutions in order to achieve a more ethical and transparent society.We will accomplish this by:Launching specific journalistic investigations and widely publicize the results.Conducting training workshops to teach others how to become modern-day muckrakers.Creating a method for the public to alert journalists of issues and institutions that need to be investigated.Project Veritas is a registered 501(c)3 organization. Project Veritas does not advocate specific resolutions to the issues that are raised through its investigations, nor do we encourage others to do so. Our goal is to inform the public of wrongdoing and allow the public to make judgments on the issues.


  1. "The 5pm news is watched by poor black people" that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Except for everything Cameltoe Harris says.
    I am British and American politics is the funniest show I can watch at the moment. Mainly because the woke bullshit has cancelled all comedy, so it's either this or re-runs from pre 2010.

  2. Good for her!!!! fox news is not worth watching ever since they called the election! They will never admit to their censorship. OANN is the only news we tune in to now. (Until they turn on the American people)

  3. Let's be honest. Trump could have cured cancer and the Dems would have a moment of silence for cancer while the media would talk about the crisis created by doctors being out of work because cancer was cured.

  4. The "mission" to destroy this world set sail on Friday, November 22, 1633
    They established religion, education, passed law to oath to a King in 1826 and control the Government. The same names that created toxins in WW2 are the names leading the research for Gene Therapy.
    April 19, 1861 We the People lost The War of Rebellion
    April 19, 2015 an Uprising was hosted at the grave of Solomon Etting, the first game with no fans was practices, martial law was tested, and a billboard was left that said "Who dies from a Rough Ride, the whole damn system." <<<<< That is a Zionist Plan for destruction, happening since Pelosi's father launched the Exodus of 1947 for Rockefeller from the Baltimore Harbor.

  5. Yeah. The whole world has to take this attitude. The The insane corporate agendanites have to pay for their crimes against humanity. Nuremberg Nuremberg Nuremberg Nuremberg Nuremberg.

  6. There is little if any truth in the "research" done to determine audience. There is little if any truth in the reporting on any media platform. I do not watch any of it. Except for clips. I see no reason to pretend we have anything but a totally corrupted media – both news or entertainment. The vaccines are working? The only difference I see is that people are being told they can safely remove the masks. THAT is the ONLY difference!! Prove me wrong. Well, there is a difference I forgot about. People are dying from the jab and experiencing horrible side effects. Other than that are they safer? How would we ever know since the entire thing was a gigantic hoax from the start? But I am not giving any more of my money to these whistleblowers. They made bad choices; now they are making better ones. Let them fend for themselves as I did.

  7. NEJM also published one of the Surgisphere scam papers and the July 23 HCQ paper referenced by the editor comes with a massive correction too. It's very clumsily written, but from what I can gather, they failed to account for past HCQ and azithromycin use in the randomization. That's aside from the fact that there have been literally hundreds of studies on it now, with the vast majority finding positive effects (and a whole heap of evidence of systematic manipulation in evidence for those finding negative or no effects).

  8. I sure wish this was earth-shattering and not simply confirmation of the worst kept secret on earth- media corruption and agenda/narrative play. Turn 'em off folks…quit giving them your eyes and ears.

  9. As a journalist myself, it has never been about the viewer or listener, but the truth. And the truth DOES NOT have two sides as a News Director once told me. I was nearly destroyed in 2006 for taking on a political story on my blog. I was subjected to online harassment, a so-call 'ethics round-table discussion,' at theUniversity of Nevada-Reno, where someone from a New York college decided I was 'unethical' to even have my own blog, and I was termed from my position for countering the editorial desk of the publication I worked for by calling out the fact that I was no longer to write about on candidate because the other candidate complained to the editor, when in fact that candidate made it a habit to call me after deadlines and after the paper had been put to bed. No one defended me and I had to claw my way out of the hole I was knocked into all by myself. I am happy to see others getting assistance now. It has been a long, dirty battle — but now, perhaps, the truth will win out.

  10. I made poor choices in my youth, too. I paid the price for that. She should be held accountable, too, and not given hundreds of thousands of dollars. How else will she learn?