Fox Business Guest Tells Truth About Ukraine President

In a recent appearance on the Fox Business Channel, retired US Army Colonel Douglas MacGregor told incredulous host Stuart Varney that Ukraine has little hope of defeating Russia on the battlefield, and the only reason that Ukrainian President Zelensky insists on continuing is because his NATO puppet-masters are demanding that the fight continue.

Jimmy and The Grayzone’s Aaron Maté ( discuss Zelensky’s precarious position trying to represent the Ukrainian people’s interests while also appeasing the NATO allies who want Ukraine to keep fighting and the neo-Nazi militias that ahve threatened to assassinate him if he negotiates with Russia.

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  1. Would not be surprised if Jimmy Dore gets a job at fox news. He has become a right wing propagandist, attacking the left 19 out of 20 times. Wolf in sheeps clothing

  2. I don't think it was a gaffe, nor do I think the colonel made a "mistake". He's retired, which means he's free to state an opinion that I would bet at least 75% of the military agrees with – in private. They're not in a position, tho, to challenge the propaganda.

  3. I am not sure this general believes in democracy…this is strange man. Ukraine wants democracy and Putin is a hitter. Democracy needs to win or dictators will like Putin.

  4. omg u sharp ppl. everyone have on opinion… it's not about ending war. it's about fighting to not become a slave of russia. ukrainians is fighting for freedom, everyone knows what it will be if they loose. dont talk about neutral or buffer. if they loose, they become bigger Belarus, thats it. its a fight for freedom. freedom to speak your mind and freedom to make free decisions. and ordinary ppl is fighting for they home. they saw what happened in donbass and crimea after putin gave them "freedom"… yeah, and i know what i'm talking. i live in lithuania, it's between small part of russia(kaliningrad) and belarus. and i know i never take knee to putins regime, better die. surrendering for Ukraine is not an option… never will be… they never bow down to occupant

  5. What a joke. His participation in propoganda doesń make him less of a hero. If you actually believe a ̈neutral" Ukraine would keep Putin away, you are a silly, silly goose to say the least. Wtf is this nonsense

  6. They banned RT the day after it reported that the neo nazi govt. killed 18,000 civilians in the last 8 years. The Kaiser Report was also banned, real financial news. I hope I can find it elsewhere. But not savvy about that stuff. Anyway, it can happen here. It has happened here.

  7. This starts off as fake news.
    1. This guy maybe was but now is not a Colonel in the US Army.
    2. Russia has no legal right or moral reason to attack Ukraine.
    3. Russia has no right to dictate policy to the Ukraine.
    Honestly I feel this Putin propaganda.

  8. Untill Biden and his administration close and protect OUR Border, we have no business protecting another countries borders when ours is being invaded with over 200,000 illegal immigrants EVERY MONTH !!!!! IMPEACH THESE Incompetent so called "leaders" Before Biden Starts WW3!!!!!

  9. All this coming from people who have never been to Ukraine or ever spoken to someone from there.
    Ukraine never wanted to join NATO and only pursued it as a defensive effort after Russia war in Chechnya then invaded Georgia 2012. Russia then annexed Crimea in 2014 and flooded eastern Ukraine with Chechens, former criminals and impoverished Russian with a ton of weapons to homestead eastern Ukraine and push the separatists narrative.
    and as for dipping bullets in pig fat. This is joke that's been going on for 20 years to piss off muslims. So here's the facts.
    you can't fire those out of rounds out of your weapon with out jamming the hell out of it. this I know for a fact.

  10. So what will happen to all the land left behind ? I got a guess who will take it. The Corp millionaires will come in and devour the resources and mining while the former home and land owners will sit in refugee camps

  11. The west keeps saying they will not enforce a no fly zone on Russia, but we keep being bombarded by the mainstream media in regards to the suffering of civilians, and the "Should we not be doing more for these poor people" question that is being asked everyday? It is a long game! The position of West will change and this will occur sooner, rather than later. The day we enforce a no fly zone will be the day WWIII will start! With Ukraine turning into the battlefield where WWIII will be fought!
    Can you imagine how much more Ukraine will suffer when it is turned into the battle field for WWIII? It will be infinitely worst for the civilians then! Slowly our Politicians and our mainstream media will push us closer and closer to a world war. We human must learn the lesson at some point that wars only benefit the ultra rich, who don't care how many millions must suffer in order for them to accumulate power and billions in profits. And does anyone believe that the US would have ever accepted Russian missiles on their doorstep? Well of course not, but that is what the west has been pushing on Russia for decades now. We the West have responsibility in this matter, as we have been at least partially responsible for this war occurring in the first place, and if we truly cared about the Ukrainian nation and its people, we would do everything we could to STOP THIS WAR, instead of prolonging it, and eventually expanding it into another World war, or a nuclear war.

  12. nice clip of truth. we have a real problem in the west, and you touched on it. The msm propaganda has worked so well on the public, particularly those who lean left, but also many on the right(and yes, the whole right/left thing is simply theatre to placate…politicians are generally all on the same side, no matter the party)
    Anyway, the propaganda has worked so well, they have half the public shouting / screaming / demanding that the west go to war with Russia. How absolutely brainwashed do you have to be to get to that level? As you said, Jimmy, when provided the facts, these people have a mental block, an auto defense against the truth. That is brainwashing to the nth degree.

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