Fox Interviews NASCAR Fans & They Drop “F– Joe Biden” On Live Television


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  1. MSNBC (OF COURSE!!!) "Saying 'Lets Go Brandon' is part of a 'Slow-Moving Insurrection" . . . . no, its a swift move to Freedom.
    – FJB, the Msm/Ministry of Propaganda, The Puppeteers and Trudeau the Coward.

  2. Don’t forget about this traitor flying dozens of charted flights in the middle of the night over the country with illegal aliens , with our tax dollars. Time to stop letting them take federal taxes from my check

  3. This is on purpose by Fox News Channel. They are the non-vax Channel. They never get a whole lot done just like all the rest but it is the only channel that just constantly points out the lunacy and overlord mentality of these career people in Washington DC teamed up with the leading Democrat Party career politicians. And all of the mainstream media channels home by Ted Turner provide them with unlimited ammunition to turn around and make the extreme left look like nothing but domestic terrorist and the people that follow those domestic theories look like absolute morons. 🤣🤣🤣

  4. My mother in law wanted to know why her 7 yr old grand son was always yelling "let's go brandon" my wife showed her the interview it was defenetently not the answer she was expecting lol

  5. The funny thing about all of this is that the former Vice President Potato Head is going on with his life not realizing how the people really hate him. There are some who support him because he doesn’t send out “mean tweets”. I’d rather have a stabilized economy, oil independence, a strong military, a stabilize border, a taliban without eighty five billion dollars worth of our military equipment, a president who doesn’t sh1t his pants at the Vatican, along with the “mean tweets”, then the idiotic fool we have in office now!

  6. None of this matters, the U.S. Government has betrayed us and can no longer be trusted, We do not take the "Jab" because we can't trust our government, (Election Fraud) The Military industrial complex owns our politicians, the Central Bank (Fed) controls our Economy, and the "Main Stream Media" along with "Big Tech" controls the narrative. Our Military is more concerned with Race and Gender than with National Security, and our brain dead President has opened the boarders to everyone wishing to leach from our dwindling coffers. We have been BETRAYED! and we are lost. (Follow the money)

  7. I have finally figured out what that Fake Doping incident during the 2022 China Olympics is really about…RACISM! Yes, you hear me correctly, racism with all its ugly ramifications because God knows, we cannot have three White Girls winning all three Medals, now can we. So, to level the playing field and lower the competition standards so The Less Skilled Non-Whites could win a Medal…the best of the best…Miss Velieva, had to be eliminated from the competition, suddenly, she could skate no better than 4th place, even though, she had beaten her own two Gold and Silver Meal team mates by 30+ points. Now, doesn't The XYZ and other Weirdo groups feel better, that a Non-Western-White won the Bronze Medal in Women's Figure Skating, yeah! This is exactly what has happened to the American military, Americans be prepared to die come the next war, because the American military is not going to win!

  8. It seemed like the LGB, FJB was fading a little bit. Thankfully with the start of the new NASCAR season underway, it seems to be coming back in full force! …. and that's about the only thing NASCAR is good for anymore.

  9. Doesn’t matter if everyone is laughing at him, he is still in office. There is no way Biden received 81 million votes and any rational person knows this. There was no visible support for him and every metric that has been completely accurate for over 70 years said Biden would loose. With that information it is clear that the election was rigged and stolen but there is nothing we can do about it unless we want a new 1776. This proved elections don’t work in the US and that the country is run by an oligarchy of a select few who want DC to be the corrupt swampy place that it is. We will never see glory days in the US again unless a true civil war takes place and a new country is formed from the ashes

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