Fox News Actually Did The Right Things For Once!


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  1. Incase you haven’t figured it out yet, the Feds are the police force of the democrat party. I would urge all the diehard thin blue line fanboys on the right to look at the big picture. The same cops you love to support have no problem arresting you for just being right wing. Back in 2020 the cops were going after the people who were protecting themselves and their businesses and and let the “protest” continue. They have been doing this for awhile but the right have had their heads in the sand.

  2. Jews were condemned to the holocaust, because they did not fight back. Thanks to wet noodle repub we have tyranny forming in our nation by this disgusting Biden crackpot regime.

  3. I've felt for a long time that these two parties are one and the same. They just have a different letter in front of their backstabbing name. Shameful. There are a FEW exceptions, very FEW

  4. Listen Bud. I am a Republican I do not support the GOP. The RNC, I will vote only for America First candidates and whoever gets the endorsement of president Donald j Trump I disavow the GOP I disavow the Republican Party I am a Republican for the Republic for the Constitution the Bill of Rights and The godly laws that govern us that come from God, and our constitution as far as the sycophants goes there are a waste of space and we will see what the American people does with the elections, pray that they're valid and pray that the deep State doesn't do anything drastic, I'm not afraid of drastic actions from the government we will overcome.

  5. I will have to agree with you on this one. There should be more outrage about this. It is obvious it is just another witch hunt, and it shouldn't be happening. I just don't get how the democraps are getting away with this. I guess that Trump is so dangerous to the swamp that they all want to take him down. I can only think of a few on the right that actually care, Jim Jordan is one of them. This government is so corrupt right now, I sure hope things finally change and get all the corrupt clowns out of office, install term limits and fix this damned country before we become nothing other than a chinese province!!!

  6. The RINOs are not cowards. They're clearly in on the power & money grift.

    It also doesn't help much of the GOP voter base are still just as inept as the "vote blue, no matter who" crowd.

  7. how did jan the 6th turn out of hand?………i hate it when people that have common sense actually back up what the left and dems say even when it's a lie and they know it's a lie…….out of hand my arse.

  8. These stupid Republicans should be flapping their arms and heads should be in fire over this …but no ..instead they just fricking Lay Down and give idle threats. Im more upset with these Wussified republicans than I am the liberal hacks.we know they are wicked and demonic…but heck….these Republicans better take notes….Lindsey's house COULD BE NEXT! How about LOSER LINDSEY!!!!???

  9. Shocker for sure! I’ve not watched them since 11/03 almost two years ago. I see Tucker and a couple of others videos occasionally but only on YT or other video platforms. Judge Jeanine and Gutfeld.

  10. Well, I think Kevin gave a walk softly sort of heads up, appropriate at this point. There is enough knee jerk hysteria on the left to go around. I agree it's time to for the right to stand up, but take s deep breath b4 you jump in. The left has egg on their face. And we should rub it in, not join them

  11. I can't wait for the day where as soon as all the corrupt Democrat establishment swamps are cleared, we can focus on clearing out the corrupt Republican establishment swamp. (There are good, honest people with new, respectful ideas on both sides, but not these people).

  12. Man forget Lindsey Graham!!! He is a do nothing blow hard. You can throw the turtle Mitch McConnell in on that too. I’m so sick and tired of them letting democrats run all over us all while they pretend to push back on all the chaos they’ve let them get away with. It’s beyond sickening. I’m so ready for all these a$$holes to get justice served to them. When though? How much more can this country take?

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