Fox News EXPLODES On News Of Trump FBI Raid | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar look at the online and cable news reactions to the Trump raid from Fox News to prominent Republican lawmakers

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Bradley P. Moss:

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  1. You know, it really gets me that we have to treat any investigation as if it is legitimate even after we had to go through 2.5 years of Russiagate. The FBI, and in particular this DOJ, has no credibility at all. Garland wanted to put parents on the domestic terrorist list for speaking up at their school board meetings. To act as if this is just a regular old federal investigation ignores everything that has gone before. Remember, that's what they said about Russiagate. Routine intelligence investigation, the president isn't the subject of that investigation, they wouldn't do this without any reason! Sound familiar? The Washington establishment HATES Donald Trump so much they impeached him TWICE!! They've floated every single possible way they can remove him from office (including, but not exclusive to, the emoluments clause, the 25th amendment, obstruction of justice, and so on) or prevent him from running again. In light of all that, how anyone can give this FBI and DOJ the benefit of the doubt when it comes to Trump is insane!

  2. Hey, guys–You have turned into Mainstream Media talking points. Very disappointing. I had high hopes for you when you started. I was a fan when you were on Rising. I was a fan of Rising IF Kim Iversen was going to be on. Wow. Where to now? I even USED TO BE a fan of Democracy Now! Dropped that when Amy went all in for the White Helmets. You are all, apparently(except Kim, of course) duped or just propaganists. We do not need more propaganists.

  3. Can you talk about in the WA-3 election, Jamie Herrera-Butler (the incumbent) lost in her open top 2 primary to a democrat by double digits and and to an America First Republican?

  4. Yea it’s crazy conspiracy theory to think that the deep state FBI may be in with the left to target and spy on a political organization. Oh wait we just lived through 4 years of that witch hunt.

  5. This had nothing to do with the National Archives, it was a fishing trip for Jan 6 under the guise of protecting Presidential records. All they had to do was Subpeona them, they had an inventory that was under lock and key…this was a show of power.

    You two I thought you were smarter than this given recent history…kind of disappointed in you both. Thought you were smarter than this.

  6. This story has shown that Krystal and Saagar cannot provide a common sense take on anything. This was a blatantly political effort. F*** all democrats.

  7. WOW. Imagine if they FBI went after Hunter Biden as hard. Or investigated Paul Pelosi’s fixed DWI trial. It would almost resemble fairness and integrity.
    But instead the FBI is a joke. It became painfully apparent after their incompetence which led to 911. Twenty one years later, they’re still a joke.
    JFK was right to threaten to smash the FBI into a million pieces.

  8. With all I dislike Trump, It is hard for me to accept this event. We are experiencing a very dangerous turning point in our country. Today is the Democrats, tomorrow will be the Republicans who will use the security apparatus to perpetuate themself in power. the neo-Nazi police state has been born.

  9. Krystal has TDS. I watch all of these videos and try to give her the benefit of the doubt as a relatively "neutral" party. She just doesn't have it in her. She is so happy right now and couldn't care less whether this raid was legitimate or not.

    That's all any sane person should care about. Who cares if you like or hate Trump. Were they justified in raiding the guys house for 9.5 hours? That's the question here.

  10. 4 years of a Mueller investigation, 2 Impeachments, tax accusations, fraudulent loan application claims, January 6th culpability, now raiding Trump's home ???? The FBI and DOJ better find something this time.

  11. Trump is too cheap to announce now. He's sitting on a pile of money and does not want to spend any of it. He's getting a huge amount of airtime without spending a dime right now.

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