Fox News obtains new Hunter Biden emails

New York Post columnist Miranda Devine joins ‘Kennedy’ to discuss new book, ‘Laptop from Hell: Hunter Biden, Big Tech, and the Dirty Secrets.’ #FOXBusiness #Kennedy

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  1. Pleeeeze this is so old. FBI had the laptop several months b4 we heard about it a month before November 2020 US election. big guy Joey crime boss and cricket s from MSM. Joey showering w. His daughter is so sick. MSM have hood winked the American public. Sippy is a liar. He lies about everything 🙄

  2. I'm from the UK – our MSM refuse to report on this story, are only interested when Mr Biden uses the Brady Bunch narrative, where Mom or Dad always ensured their kids do the "right thing" sending a moral message to their viewers, thus making him a person beyond reproach!! Unfortunately he is up to his neck in this. Will he be impeached?

  3. I'm so tired of the Biden family not being HELD ACCOUNTABLE ! Someone needs to DO SOMETHING ! Biden should never been allowed to run for president. No question about it. He's corrupt. Let's go Brandon

  4. Everyone has tragedies in their lives. We are still HELD ACCOUNTABLE for our actions. Yet Trump would have been executed, if he or his family had done anything like this. I'm tired of the hypocrisy . We need to take our COUNTRY BACK ! We can't wait 3 more years.

  5. Funny a year ago we were called conspiracy theorists when we said
    1. Joey was involved
    2. Vaccine mandates will come
    3. The election….
    Its ok years from now they will all be facts in a book one day…

  6. Everyone knows that Joe Biden has used his family to peddle influence around the world. He has made millions doing it for 40 years. It's all for sale. It's the same old Clinton pay to play. Give Biden cash, lots of cash, then get a favor from America. Foreign aid, political pressure, the threat of American military intimidation…. All for sale… Buy a painting from hunter, get an investigator fired. Need information? Give hunter some diamonds, the CIA is at your service.

    None of any of that matters. Like the Clintons, the Biden's are above the law. They are the ruling class, the elites, they answer to nobody. Especially not to we the little people.

  7. Scandal?????? Oh you must be kidding. With former guy, you did not even need to look to his children. Turmpy done it all by himself. “””Putin…..well I don’t know why he would lie about putting a bounty on the heads of American soldiers “””””. What… don’t know why??????? 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. One scam after another and the lack of charges shows a double standard in the law. Turn a blind eye to these scammers! How these Losers continue to be corrupt and never get charged is B.S! Lock up the Biden’s & Clintons now! If there’s justice in America they’d be in jail.

  9. The WH will NEVER fix it. Biden does not know the meaning of truth. Why should they as long as idiots elect these Guys?

    That only thing that may fix it is rooting corruption out of our federal justice system. I am not sure when/if that will ever happen.

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