Fox News TOPS 2023 Cable News Ratings With Viewership THREE TIMES That Of CNN

Briahna Joy Gray and Batya Ungar-Sargon discuss the first cable news ratings of the new year. #CNN #Fox #MSNBC #cable #media

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  1. People keep sleeping on Fox News. MANY people are watching that. No one really thinks as highly of CCN, MSNBC, etc as they want people to believe. Fox is a major shaper of American public thought and people aren't paying attention.

  2. If fox news keeps insisting the republicans in congress vote for kevin pelosi, they are going to lose plenty of viewers! Report the news, do not tell us what to think!

  3. I cut the cable cord, so I don’t watch much television. But I was much more likely to click on an CNN video than I would a Fox Video on YouTube… but that changed after 2020. I’m more likely to check out fox videos to see what else is happening in the world. I didn’t see anything reported on cnn about drag queens being invited to the Biden White House 🫠

  4. Correction…. Bush drafted NAFTA. Clinton passed it with a Republican dominated congress and overwhelming republican support. That’s not to say Democrats aren’t at fault, but there were more Democrat votes against

  5. This is a horrible segment. It is the type you would expect from MSNBC or CNN or Fox news. No mention whatsoever that liberal media is segmented and conservative media is consolidated. If I make conservative and I want to watch a mainstream media Network on my TV Fox News is the place. If I'm liberal leaning some people are watching CNN summer watching MSNBC summer watching CBS summer watching NBC summer watching ABC and on and on and on and on. It is extremely ignorant and possibly disingenuous to compare Fox's views with liberal media and pretend as if it's the same. There are far more options for liberals to watch than conservatives so the viewership is shared not consolidated hence the big difference in numbers. Yes Fox News does a better job with showing the other side but to not even discuss the consolidation ideologically is a joke

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