FOX Proves it’s a Corporate Hack Network yet Again, Muzzles Kayleigh McEnany Fraud Briefing
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  1. YouTube won't let me like this video. This is the 2nd video since an update last night that YouTube won't let me thumbs up. What a coincidence too that the other video was a video about election fraud.

  2. I REALLY hope Arizona flips to Trump. Not just because I want Trump to win but I wanna see how Fox News is gonna bullshit their way outta this one.
    But if I'm not mistaken, isn't North Carolina also not called?

  3. man is that a good extension. I've had to spank YT on every video i watch by telling them I'm not interested on the "up next" video. this extension immediately fixed it. fuck YT they want those big corporate channel dollars, fuck em.

  4. We all know Dems fraudulent election and the msm, including Fox are frauds as well. Problem is how to REMEDY the situation and restore honesty. As much as I hope Trump succeeds, I worry that its fake outrage again, with no consequences & accountability. I just hear Fox & Friends reporting, people who I thought were pro Trump…are now saying well "even though there was fraud, probably not big enough to change results".
    Fox seems to be given their talking points, like CNN did for 4 years. If Hannity, Judge Pirro, Levin Steve Hilton don't leave to Newsmax, AON or their own network…next 4 years Fox will be dead ratings like CNN, as they suck up to the Criminal In Chief, Biden. Only an act of God can save US.

  5. Yeah, I have unfollowed Fox. Calling Arizona was intended to disrupt and to demoralize. I recall after the 2000 fiasco, all news networks said they would not call a state until the election committee called the state.

    BTW, welcome back. Some guy, Hugh Styxner, was in your place wearing a red robe. It was off putting.

  6. It's not the job of the news to decipher if the Trump administration has evidence. They aren't lawyers or judges. Their job is to report the news as presented.

  7. I have found no satisfactory explanation for why politicians and media hate Trump rabidly. Trump has exacerbated the hatred by going directly against them and by using the term “enemy of the people”. However, the hatred started first. My only hypotheses involve money (bribery/kickbacks), which works for politicians, but why the press?

  8. Investigation is something MSM stopped doing 20 years ago. They heavily rely on Social Media and just what they are told for news now because it’s faster, easier, and cheaper.

  9. All Fox News is, is just another corporate media outlet that will support any candidate (doesn’t matter what party they’re from) as long as they’re willing to tow the corporate line.

  10. I love the fact they are comparing finding tons of Biden ballots after the polls closed to Trumps election which was clearly a win on election night. And to question how you could get 50 to 60k votes all for Biden not a one for Trump is called denial? How bout unrealistic.

  11. “Well then go out and investigate it! See this is the problem with Fox.”
    It’s not just Fox that has this problem, the investigative journalist has been run out of all the networks, who seem to have decided that their job is to reinforce the narrative given from on high.

  12. For five years it's been:
    Trump says "I'm gonna do this thing"
    MSM and other leftists "lol, no you're not"
    Trump: does the thing
    MSM and other leftists "how dare you?"

    They say he wouldn't run. They said he wouldn't be nominee. They said he wouldn't win. They said he wouldn't go to Korea. They said he couldn't bring peace to the middle east. They said he wouldn't build the wall.

    Yet every time, they are pants shittingly surprised.

    He says he's gonna win. I'm gonna keep the faith.

  13. I don't watch any TV now that FOX has turned on me. It's all shit anyway. The TV has been off for 3 days and I feel my life getting more and more peaceful everyday.

  14. Bahahahahahahahahahahaha . . . what a joke our species truly is . . . pathetic stinking humans . . . Q (from Star Trek) was correct in his assessment of our overly-hyped little species – we deserve whatever we get. Welcome to a world ruled by the MSM, big-tech social media, degenerate celebrities, an overly-stupid and pompous academic class and highly corrupt politicians of all stripes . . . fuck off America, you're a complete and utter joke and failure.