‘Fragile, left-wing children’: Yale students condemned after interrupting free speech seminar

A group of student protesters have been condemned after they attempted to interrup a panel discussion on free speech and civil liberties being held at Yale University.

The seminar was hosted by the Yale Federalist Society and had both progressive and conservative speakers.

As Yale Professor Kate Stith introduced Kristen Waggoner from the conservative Alliance Defending Freedom, students stood up and began protesting, stopping the forum from continuing.

The students jeered when Yale law professor Kate Stith urged the protesters to “grow up” and stop interrupting the debate.

While the students eventually left, witnesses said they congregated outside the lecture hall and stamped their feet in order to drown out the rest of the seminar.

The panellist had to be escorted out by police, with conservative lawyer Kristen Waggoner claiming she was concerned for her safety.


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  1. The school should throw them out if they are unable to adhere to the basic principle of a free speech in a university. They aren’t even mature enough to understand the whole idea of a university education.

  2. There is the big reason this was a fiasco.Christian. Of course not surprised Christians are rude , opinionated and entitled. Universities should start adding grounds to expel and ban if you can not allow persons to speak. Universities are no longer places of discovering and growth for a lot of attendees. Why do they bother going to university. What a waste of space todays youth have turned out to be.

  3. I guess I am a little confused here. If my generation had gone to a school sponsored function and created an interruption, we would have been escorted out and faced being expelled. If these "protestors" were at a concert, they would be kicked out and possibly arrested if they refused to leave. What the hell is wrong with the schools?? Why can't they control their students at a school function? If we had even caused a scene on school property before or after school, we would have suffered the consequences.

  4. There's an easy way to solve this "problem": demand each protester show ID of some sort. If the ID is a student ID "You're expelled as of right now. Get off campus." If a non-student ID: "You're trespassing on private property. Leave immediately or you will be arrested. If you return, you will be arrested. Have a nice day somewhere else." That will be the very last such protest by the immature snowflakes Yale accidentally granted admission.

  5. Clearly Yale is a waste of money if this is the quality of their students. If I was looking to hire someone and they had a degree from Yale that would actually be a strike against them at this point.

  6. These students have been protected from everything that may hurt there feelings. Very sad when they don't even understand to hold your opinion until you have heard all the information. I bet they all received a trophy for just being there.

  7. I totally support students. Freedom of speech – whose speech, for whom, for whose benefit? It's an empty mantra if taken outside of context, history and struggle to social justice

  8. Yale and other Ivy leagues have become a sad joke. They no longer represent the brightest people just the most entitled, biased and weak minded. These people are incapable of becoming legitimate lawyers; this video alone proves their intolerance and ignorance. They sound like they are in a pro-soviet union or pro-ccp college of brainwashed propaganda.

  9. The first thing every one of those students should realize is that free speech does not mean you yours you’re free speech to cancel out another studies in our founding documents you’re never supposed to use your speech to cancel out another persons that is against free-speech laws

  10. Yes this is the generation that was never involve in real games or has never been told no. They are entitled and have no tolerance for any other points of view, except their own.

  11. Dems have destroyed every thing they touch. These kids are not fit to be lawyers, judges in our court rooms. But they will be!!!!! Then what, what will happen to our country? We can't wait for some magical thing to happen to save us from these shit heads. We need to abolish these schools and start getting this country on track again. We need to train new teachers and get rid of the shit the dems have given us. We let this happen, now we need to fix it. Civil war gives sweeping powers to clean things up. Don't have to play nice, or be politicly correct. Just kick their asses the hell out of here! Putin used Brandon as an excuse to invade Ukraine, we can use that bumbling idiot as excuse to take the country back. All the facts are coming in now of how we have been cheated by the left. What criminals they are. How evil they are. They can't be trusted here anymore. They need to be removed from polite society, not so politely. We have way more reasons for this fight than the last one. If we wait too long there won't be a country to save. It only took a year to get us this bad off. Three more of the same and we will be extinct. FJB

  12. These infantasized fools are receiving the highest privileges of civilization, yet are too immature and narcissistic to even allow other people to hold opinions not their own. And this is the end product of crème de la crème Ivy League universities. How ridiculously clueless and embarrassing!

  13. Ah yes, the petulant tantrums of a coddled generation. Imagine paying all that money to attend a prestigious Ivy League university only to come out dumber than when you went in. That's what these kids are about to experience. Or maybe they'd be too dumb to even notice.

  14. My president is Donald Trump! He cared for our Country and helped other countries! He would have had help for Ukraine fast! They are pleading for help and getting very little from US, and a little late! Pray for our leaders , they all need God!

  15. This is what happens when people let their children grow up in front of a screen and let tv program them into doing what the governments and corporations want them to do. You’ve allowed the government to create a wave of puppets that have no self awareness and lack individual thought.

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