France Deploys Troops To Steal Yemen’s Natural Gas

France has reportedly deployed soldiers to Yemen in order to “defend” Yemeni liquid natural gas. Were the French invited to send military into the war-torn Middle Eastern country by the Yemeni government? No, not exactly, but hey, someone’s got to look out for the interests of French fossil fuel companies that stand to lose a lot of money if Yemen’s LNG production facilities fall into the wrong hands.

Jimmy and Ethiopian-American journalist Hermela Aregawi discuss this latest example of French imperialism in the Middle East and similarities with the United States’ seizure of one-third of Syria to capture that nation’s oil supply.

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  1. What are we supposed to get out of this video since there are no proofs/evidences or even logic in the claims ? Interesting to see the title as well. "French" and no US in sight although from the article you're reading it clearly states that the US is involved as well. (if it was indeed true).

    Another useless message.

    By the way, France wouldn't use the French foreign legion for that kind of under the carpet operation. The French foreign legion is pretty much like any other regiment of the army.

    If there ever was that kind of thing going on, it would be the job of the Service Action or SFs operators. Not The FFL.

  2. 👆🙄They will all die anyway
    They just don't understand why
    Its all a oxymoron

    👇🙄All going to melt down
    440 nuclear power reactors

    Today there are about 440 nuclear power reactors operating in 32 countries plus Taiwan, with a combined capacity of about 390 GWe. In 2021 these provided 2653 TWh, about 10% of the world's electricity.

  3. What's the big deal in stealing oil the Americans have been stealing oil from Libya since the revolution don't you guys remember when the US took over all the offshore oil platforms they still run them they're still stealing oil still loading up their ships and Libya is not getting paid.

  4. The international bullies aka.. 'THE BOYS' are too powerful to be stopped now. They are also the super-weapon makers as well. You have no means to stop them. And humans are too easily bought up or sucker for tribal politics to turn a blind eye or keep quiet. Look at how Democrat supporters behave, and that's half a nation of USA. That's also not counting the rest of the Western world that are also divided. Short of an alien attack from another world, who can stop them? heh

  5. So we in the West can invade countries to steal energy but Russia can't do a military intervention against Nazi troops build ups on it's borders wanting to put our nuke missiles on its border AND WE LECTURE RUSSIA. Not to mention our war crimes and illegal wars. OMG

  6. Thank you for revealing this to the world. Respect for this show. US and France are the real terrorists. Shame on these administrations admitting as human right defender. What a hypocricy!!!

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