Frankie Boyle Cancels Ricky Gervais

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Frankie Boyle’s Most Offensive Jokes: Ultimate Compilation (Part 1/2)

Frankie Boyle’s 10 darkest jokes

Podcast with Louis Theroux

Netflix removes little britain

Netflix is run by the far right

Ricky’s response


  1. I was such a fan of Frankie I loved his comedy and even read his books before he went woke. Ever since it's like I don't even know him at all which I thought with the books I would have some sort of idea, but he changed so much, nothing wrong with change but he changed for the worse for sure.

  2. Boyles 'kill whitey' episode was a disgrace and everybody involved in it should be ashamed of themselves: it wasn't comedy it was an offensive rant. It could never be said in reverse and thats what stinks.

  3. Just ended up in this strange corner of the net where people in a shitty flag ridden bedroom with a semi expensive mic can make a video about talent without anyone actually having either talent or concept of comedy.. Also, wtf, did you just make this video so you could slate the girl about the whitey thing? Out of context and you guys are trying to mask your bullshit.. Jeez, lets call Tommy Robinson, sounds like you guys are fans..

  4. He sounds like the leftist who interrupts the conversation about police brutality to remind everyone they're white and therefore have a lesser opinion.

  5. Frankie Boyle going woke from guilt about his outrageous comments he made for years and to keep himself on tv now and keep the money rolling in fucking fake Twat

  6. Susan Boyle is now funnier than Frankie. I wonder if all those Madeline jokes keep him up all night. He could always turn to drink again. He's never disavowed the old jokes. If he did, I bet he'd still accept the repeat fees. That's what hypocrites do I guess.

  7. Back in the day you could make jokes about everything ? Really ? I don't remember any jokes about Muhammad. The words "yellow" and "streak" spring to mind.