Fraud Khan PUNISHES Working Class Londoners To Fund His PR Stunts

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Fraud Khan Punishes Working Class Londoners To Fund His PR Stunts


Written by Mahyar Tousi

Political YouTuber | TalkRadio Contributor | Free Trade Brexiteer | Free Speech, Free Markets, Free People | Small Government | Atheist


  1. I use to go to London , about four to five times a year, i lived there for many years i go shopping, theatre, meet a few friends have a meal . It was vibrant and exiting , now it is sad and depressing , it's more like Baghdad. And now the congestion charge .

  2. Once businesses dump office blocks in preference of ‘working from home’ perhaps those buildings can be converted into flats?

  3. Keep the BBC because the BBC makes very profitable TV programs which are watched worldwide >> They also do a good job with education programs like now children learning at home >> They are rubbish with news reporting so make BBC news a subscription service & let them sink or swim

  4. Is there a congestion charge at the royal docks i wondered. Maybe thats why he wants to move there. Maybe hes exempt from the extortionate … i mean congestion charge

  5. Mahyar I listen to your channel every night, among others, but i tune in! i would like to suggest that people should vote for Shaun Bailey. why? not because Khan is a waste, but because London deserves better…. I left London many years ago but still look at the Capitol as the leading City of the country, hence the title Capitol. I beg.. people in London to get to know Shaun those that don't look at this video:

  6. What's he gonna do with the cash? Give his cronies & TFL executive staff already on extortionate salaries in excess of £100,000 another pay rise? Is there such a thing as buying votes?

  7. Boris finally is moving away from the low pay economy, however we really need a higher pay low cost economy with a massive housing building programme to get the country back to a point that a normal average family can afford to buy a home and ban the buy to let mortgage trade that has forced prices of houses up for years

  8. We need to build a house every 6 min just to keep up with migration levels, before they even start breeding cash cow anchors.

  9. No absolutely no more homes in London. We are already living on top of each other and this is suffocating us. Not to mention we cant see the our GP's, get hospital appointments, Dentist and other public services. No new hospitals have been built with all the flats going up every day. Why?

  10. Boris should withold money and pay for services direct from government!! Clip khans wings or ring fences all money given. He should be under investigation for misbehaviour in public office and fraud

  11. Moving London City Hall is a bad idea, it is sending a message to the world of prosperity. Moving out is no saving it is a loss all round ( What is the cost of the move what will the building be used for when they move out and where will the savings come from ) Khan is trying to destroy our capital city and its land marks. if you let an army of Isis in with explosives they would have a hard time finding any thing to destroy khan has done it single handed, Wonder who is paying him?.

  12. We would of got a new Mayor if it wasn't for Covid19 as a SDP member I wouldn't normally vote Tory Sean Bailey would be a improvement over Khan who is useless like Labour as a whole

  13. If someone put up a Statue of Sadick Con it fall into the Swamp. If We put up another Statue of Sadick Con it would also mysteriously fall into the Swamp. But the 3rd Statue would get Burned Down,Pulled Down and Pushed into the Swamp.

  14. sadiq WHO! how did that crook become mayor of on of the greatest cities in the world? vote rigging springs to mind! London capital of England(Great Britain) ENGLAND a Christian country whose people welcome all nationalities and faiths to our shores who want to live here peacefully, but there are conditions, You speak and understand English, your Hard working, you accept are way of life our culture and our traditions and swear a oath of allegiance to our country. You are not welcome if you want your own laws to proceed ours and you are a criminal, and if you dont like those conditions, then please dont come and if you are already here and object to those conditions……then piss off back to where you came from. THAT IS NOT BEEN RACIST, THAT IS BEEN HONEST, Please read this Mr Khan……………

  15. Gangster Khant, and I thought the Krays were history, protection against reality and fairness new on me, demanding money and spending on himself…… freeloading on a new level

  16. London has become something I no longer recognize, no compunction or wish visit the place anymore as it no longer reflects anything British in my own personal view. And as far as building houses there why? what is the point as most are bought up by foreign investors which are empty most of the year round.

  17. He should focus on reducing crime as highest priority, increasing policing, keeping the transport running efficiently and keeping the streets clean. The crime statistics are horrific.