‘Free speech protection racket’: NSW Police send Nigel Farage $3000 bill for ‘security’

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage says the New South Wales police sent him a bill for a speaking event he is hosting in Sydney.

“A ticketed event on private premises and yet the New South Wales Police see fit to send a bill for $3000 to police the event,” he told Sky News host Paul Murray.

Mr Farage said the police were conducting a “free speech protection racket” as, even though the fee had been paid, he was warned if the contract was not signed the event would be cancelled.


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  1. We've gone too far. The world is already on the precipice of a world war and migrants who have moved to first world English speaking countries better start choosing which side they're on fast as conservatives are pinning to find a reason to be patriotic.

  2. No surprises here. Australia is now one of the most woke-minded countries in the world. Through unwritten quotas and positive discrimination feminist women and minority groups are taking over. Today yet another woman justice was appointed to the High Court resulting in a women majority. It's all a part of the systematic femination of Australia. The best men in Australia are now women, but not always due to personal merit.

  3. Englands borders are wide wide wide open again today 1073 middle eastern young men and Albanians just washed up on our shores from France in a dinghy.
    The hotels in Liverpool city centre is packed with them, gangs and gangs of them in circles all standing around outside at least 9 hotels I know and so many women say it makes them literally cringe walking past them I've even witnessed it how 9 heads all turn when a nice looking girl walks past they don't even try to hide it or be subtle it's in effing sane..
    One girl already been gang raped in Liverpool Hotel and another in Southport, two sexually assaulted in Runcorn and other reports on them praying on children with believe it or not phones issued to them by the British taxpayer you couldn't make it up.

  4. Going green has consequences and Australia is a classic example. The biggest beneficiaries of going green are obviously the Chinese government. Seems incredible that the people of Australia are forced to go green while their own governments sell millions of tonnes of coal to China. Australians will either have to wake up to the bleeding obvious or end up like the citizens of North Korea.

  5. So a leftest parasite blocks the Sydney Harbour Tunnel, causing millions in economic loss, a major police opperation that costs 10's of thousands of dollars, created a 6 hour traffic jam.. causing thousands of people to not be able to work.. And she gets off free as a bird. Nigel turns up to give a speech, gets billed $3000 or you cant speak… our leaders and police could be a little biased

  6. I was a welded on Liberal. This despicable party sold Australia out and then stepped aside for an even worse regime to step up the work of the WEF. How do we reverse this is anyone guess. The corrupt media just takes down any alternative views.

  7. I thought NSW actually had a "conservative" government, Dom Perottet should be "holding court" with Nige Ferrage – a "Town Hall" summit at the least, lol… ha ha ha…

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