Free Speech Under ASSAULT; Mandatory LOYALTY OATHS, Boycotts Not Protected Speech: Briahna Joy Gray

Briahna Joy Gray breaks down inconsistencies in recent court rulings on free speech.

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  1. Our free speech has been under attack for many years, this is not the first time. Company’s opinions about politics should be silenced because not everyone that works for them would agree with their political opinions. They are still able to talk about their political affiliation as an individual just not push their agenda with their business backing. This does not squash their individual right to freedom of speech, only their companies name backing their opinion.

  2. The left can only affect national debates not states debates most of the crazy states don't have leftist but non crazy states have lots of crazy right wingers

  3. Is it legal to boycott israel by boycotting pro-isreal or israeli-citizenship-holding/descent owned businesses who may be sending remittances back to israel or moving their wealth for themselves when they go on vacation or retire there? Worth thinking about…

  4. Arkansas being a Fascist state forcing small businesses to sign an oath to the state. Similar to Chinese CCP forcing all foreign English teachers to sign the oath of loyalty to Communist China if they want to teach English in China and Hong Kong. If they refuse to sign, they will be forced out of the country in 5 days.

  5. Thank you Britain for enabling a bunch of white European ethnonationalists to enter Palestine illegally starting in 1919 so over a 100 years later we still debate if Palestenians should have equal rights on a land their ancestors lived on for thousands of years while theirs homes are being demolished, their journalists being murdered and lands constantly being stolen under gun point.

  6. Anyone has every right to kick any visitor out of their own house. LOL> WE should just keep the reds..reds..and the libs…libs. There should not be anymore talking or mingling. Period.

  7. Money is clearly speech. Flows of money determine prices, and prices are the information system that an economy uses to make calculations. My purchase or lack thereof communicates preferences to sellers, importers, and manufacturers.

  8. To me that Breahna is complaining about 1st amendment now but not with cancellation policies. As example subject matter experts (SME) on COVID not allowed to speak wo warnings that make their different and sometime correct opinion as not valid or as disinformation. All of the greatest Science and Medical discoveries has ALWAYS had to stand up against all the other SME to show that it could stand up to experts very scientific opinion. They like to say they our following the science. I say they are doing the opposite of following the science until all of the SME that have ways to disprove CDC or WHO have a platform that doesn't put BS warning tag which says a SME scientific opinion evidence is disinformation. Real head scratcher for me! As a business owner I think loyalty is key to being successful organization. To me this just wasted a few minutes of my time and I would say that the court will come down on contractors side of what they do outside of work blablabla! But inside work they cant express those ideas which I see as the right of the employers. You want most productive but they need to not be disruptive to the teams productivity.

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