Free The Truth: Free Assange Documentary Update, PRODUCTION COMPLETED – and sneak peek!

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We are very excited to update everyone that we have finished the production stage and are now beginning on the post production – the editing – for this film!For the past year and a half, our team and I have been working on a documentary about and in support of Julian Assange, called ‘Free The Truth: Free Assange’.The main aim of this film is to gather more support for the campaign for Julian’s freedom. At its core, this is a political case and a mass public outcry is needed in order to pressure US, UK and Australian politicians to do the right thing and release him.

The uniqueness of this film is that rather than focussing on the “what” and “when” of this story, it will instead mainly focus on the big “why” of the situation. The goal is to help people understand the meaning of what has occurred and the value of Julian and Wikileaks work. To help people to interpret the intentions of the ruling class, make sense of their actions and their treatment of this journalist and what all of this means for our own rights and freedoms. To become aware of the erosion of press freedom, and the increasing limitations on our ability to access truthful information.

This film will be a powerful educational tool to give viewers an in-depth understanding of his plight as well as the wider implications of this case that effect all of us – the grave threats to free speech, press freedom and freedom of information that this case and these events represent.Many people have been manipulated by an elaborate propaganda and smear campaign against Julian. This film will help unravel the false narratives, and clarify the true importance of the work of Julian and Wikileaks, and bring the focus back onto what we can and should learn from the disclosures that they have brought to light.

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