Freedom Summit TOMORROW woohoo

Thanks for all your support in preparation for this event.
We’ll be coming to a city near you soon.
If you want a copy of the recording, just put your email address here –


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  1. Hey.. maybe with the Victorian election less than 4 months to go..,you should concentrate on Victoria towns.
    As a person who spent half a lifetime in the government and the other half in
    Politics ., I have to tell you that no matter how good your intentions., it is not
    Possible to meaningfully work with people who you disagree with., to have them as a contact or work at a v superficial level ., yes., you can do that., but put it this way.. cld u
    Meaningfully work with people who believe xtreme points of view.. and why would you want to do that??
    It’s just ridiculous!!
    You never take any notice of anything I say anyhow but all you will do is splinter the freedom movement to pieces., fracture it.
    Factions of political parties want to get their party elected to government but even those factions cannot out their differences aside long enough to get elected.
    Look at the Libs in this State?
    Look anywhere if you want.

    You are wasting your time Monica.., provide an umbrella if you want but don’t get caught in the rain yourself
    This going to be a disaster.
    Be lucky not to end up in a fist fight, with police arresting half of you !!

  2. Cosmopolitan and pseudo-medical 'government testing and treatment procedures' with acute adverse reactions and totalitarian contact tracing = The 'Final Solution' to the ideologically fabricated 'problems' of overpopulation, population ageing, welfare budgets and climate change! Forthcoming enslavement and progressive extermination of all 'listed' and 'not yet listed' citizens and their children!

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