French Mayor WARNS Priti Patel Not To Send Navy As UK Tells France To Take Back Illegal Migrants

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French Mayor WARNS Priti Patel Not To Send Navy As UK Tells France To Take Back Illegal Migrants

Written by Mahyar Tousi

Political YouTuber | TalkRadio Contributor | Free Trade Brexiteer | Free Speech, Free Markets, Free People | Small Government | Atheist


  1. I'm afraid the french that is the powers to be have had a bee in their bonnet fore decades because fore instance they wanted the Grenage line in France, & they have always thought their language would be the worlds second language though English being so popular is the bane of all our troubles we are in & they don't like the idea that we with the help of our alias pulled them out of the mire twice & in any sea battle we are a match for them any day now lets get to hell out of this corrupt club & rub the shit in Macrons face all we need now is a strong Boris. Boris don't let us down. Cheers, Tippo, GB.

  2. There are boats within the Med, with illegal migrants on board, that no EU country will take in.These boats are moored off far out at sea, and can’t go anywhere, because NO EU COUNTRY wILL TAKE THEM. Yet they can cross the English Channel in large numbers and the Nazi EU members, call US racist, if we stop them coming. Patel is about as good as a chocolate tea pot. Patel MUST GO.

  3. isnt it france in the wrong here? not uk mps lecturing france.
    france have a, not upheld their end of an agreement with the uk, so how can they expect more cash for a deal they have already broken.
    and b, ignoring eu law, not upholding their own laws on migration and refugees/illegals!

  4. Priti Patel is like the boy who cried Wolf ! No one believes her anymore she is all talk , Boris as the power now he needs to scrap every thing that them two traitors Tony Blair and his nasty wife put in place , then we might make better progress.

  5. Deploying all those shipsll, boats, aircraft and drones made absolutely no difference whatsoever, in fact the number making the crossing increased. Makes you glad Hitler didn't think of using dinghies in 1940.

  6. First, a French mayor does not order the British Navy around. Second, it appears that French Navy boats have been escorting the "migrants" across the English Channel to the UK, so it is the British Navy that is reacting in this situation. As usual, the French have abandoned logic and fairness in the interest of their own needs.

  7. I’m fairly new to your channel, and have much appreciated the content. I never watch tv biased news so will be pleased to carry on watching you and your team. Good luck with the launch.

  8. Ignore france, send the navy. Regarding lawyers blocking their removal, this wouldn't be a problem if you stopped them from arriving to begin with. Additionally, it's in the conservative party's interest to stop migration (not just illegal migration) because migrants tend to vote left, so unless they want the left wing voters to outnumber the rest of us, they ought to do something about this. Also it's a terrible mistake announcing asylum and migration policy changes in advance, that causes migrants to panic and increases the numbers. Announce it suddenly and without warning.

  9. In a time of crisis these clowns let people in are country with no understanding of are laws … crimes rise ,housing in shortages, and tax payers pay for them to be placed in hotels. All political pricks are full of shit lie out there asses

  10. Farage has my vote for PM. He's done more to raise the awareness and the disgust of Britain taking in unwanted guests and has voiced all our opinions to the government. It's about time the government listened to us people.
    France has to deal with the problem how they are fit too but that doesn't involve pushing them over to us.
    Well done Farage and Active patriot for all their hard work.

  11. Isn't it ironic … second-generation immigrants like Priti and yourself advocating for closed borders and 'no more immigrants'. Yep, you're on the safe side. Let's keep the rest of them out, right?

  12. It wasn't only Nigel Farage he came after Active Patriot and Little Veteran as well as others it's just that he has bigger audience but he shouldn't take all the credit.

  13. But, but, but Tosser, isn't your narrative that the EU is cowering from the might of the English Empire on the other side of the channel?

    Might be time for the Dutch to come back over the Ditch to put you back in your place.