French Population Study Reinforces Cardiovascular Risk Associated with mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines

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Recently, a team of researchers from France’s National Health Insurance program launched a population-wide study to investigate the risks of myocarditis and pericarditis due to COVID-19 vaccination. Tapping into a suite of nationwide hospital discharge and vaccine databases, the group analyzed 1,612 cases of myocarditis and 1,613 cases of pericarditis identified in the European nation from May 12, 2021, to October 31, 2021. Conducting a retrospective matched case-control series studies, the team discovered the risk for both myocarditis and pericarditis spiked the first week after vaccination. The increase in these cardiovascular-based adverse events increased even further after the second dose. Comparing both Pfizer/BioNTech (BNT162b2) and Moderna (mRNA-1273) mRNA vaccines, the study results, peer-reviewed and published in the journal Nature, indicate both mRNA vaccines introduce greater risk for myocarditis with the Moderna vaccine as compared to the Pfizer-BioNTech product.

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  2. Bill gates said over 7 years ago that we need to remove 70% of the population.
    What better way to do it than by trying to persuade people to take something that could do that.
    Actually mandate it.

  3. I would like to know what is being done for these people. It looks like they are being constantly ignored which I find very disturbing. Considering the money that was made on these vaccines.

  4. I only wonder how there can be so many "case talks" online while I don't even know a single one indirectly all over the town I live in and the companies I work for.

  5. Not saying it is from vaccine.. However I developed irregular heart beat (afib) about 1 month after my 2nd Moderna vaccine. Had to be shocked back into normal rhythm! Still not back to 100%.

  6. This guy still continues to tell crap and lies. If his story is true the Scandinavian countries suffer the same. They dont. Even with vaccine rates app 85% of the populations the amount of symptoms described her does not exists. He is a fraud telling ghost stories.

  7. "PUBLIC SERVANTS" forcing drugs on human beings, against numerous laws, international and domestic (in some countries). How this wasn't a massive red flag to everyone, is absolutely baffling…mass psychosis is a real phenomenon. It's been proven, without question over the last 2 and a half years.

  8. Unless I was dying and had no other options I wouldn't take a vaccine that hadnt been tested properly for years and that the Pharma's tried to hide their shody test results on.

  9. I was going to get the jab until my gut told me something was wrong, I'm very happy with my choice. They gave the game away turning on people who didn't take it

  10. Can anyone see why they wanted to hide the information about the side effects of the mandated experimental vaccination ? with the information that has been coming forth from more areas within our world and why so much censorship ? and the gag orders on front line Doctors and nurses around the world !…

  11. I love how the media boasted that they were safe and effective when we had literally zero scientific evidence to support that claim. Actually in fact we had scientific evidence that proved the EXACT OPPOSITE. People were doing tests with MRNA on lab rats in the 80's and even then they concluded although highly effective for treating whatever they were trying to treat they were for the most part no good because of the detrimental side effects. derpity derp derp 😀

  12. Yet govts like New Zealand leave mandates in place exacerbating nurse and doctor shortages as our doctors warn of a total health system collapse. One must surmise the damage done fighting this virus both socially and economically is intentional and a mechanism that only accelerates the WEF and UN 2030 agenda.

  13. My manager at work got heart failure from myocarditis following Injection #2. Thousands of dollars of hospital visits, constant blood work, imaging etc. He is one of the many unlucky ones.. He is doing well now but he will never be the same as he was in terms of energy…His heart is now at around 65% EF, however that is determined, it was all the way down to 18% in the acute phase. I guess the heart never gets back to 100% after something like that.

  14. You really were not paying attention to the world if you took that experimental concoction.

    Wasn't the part where they impossibly claimed over and over and over it was "safe and effective" clue enough?

    Good luck, but sucks to be you.

  15. I hate to say I told you so… so I won’t… but I also won’t forget all the names you called me and all the pressure, coercion, slander, liable and insult I endured for merely wanting to be in control over what goes into my body. Most of you weren’t forced – you took it with glee.

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