“Fringe” scientists with Nobel prizes (from Livestream #119)

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #119 (originally streamed live on March 19, 2022):


Obituary of Luc Montagnier in Science:

Weinstein and Ciszek 2002. The reserve-capacity hypothesis: evolutionary origins and modern implications of the trade-off between tumor-suppression and tissue-repair. Experimental gerontology, 37(5): 615-627:

What is this a clip from?
In this 119th in a series of live discussions with Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying (both PhDs in Biology), discuss the state of the world though an evolutionary lens. Find more from us on Bret’s website ( or Heather’s website (

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  1. These people you named are the experts. What you say is 100% correct. Mass media and public relations advertising propaganda have destroyed the credibility of our medical establishment and public health policy makers. It will take two generations to earn back credibility if it's even possible. We've been exploited and bamboozled by depraved evil modern Maoists, pushing out there Soyist agenda and heavy rotation on every platform.

    We are all a new Vietcong, fighting for truth now. When you're in a fun house filled with mirrors– the house of mirrors the trick is to look at the floor to keep your perspective.

    He's depraved plundering liars exploring our fear to override our reason will not survive the truth of covid.

  2. The other question is whether or not the fringe are simply the controlled opposition. This way we're sort of drip fed the truth by fringe actors to sort of pacify us to keep us all from rioting in the streets.

  3. Your podcast has become a total borefest. First off, I can't believe you've elected to discuss this topic everyday. Secondly, aren't you tired of it yourself — how do you do it?

    I can tell your wife adores you and vice versa, which is great for you two. Glad your marriage is a happy one. But as your brother said about you during his interview on The Portal, you make some very questionable choices. I'm sure you're making some decent scratch, so I hope that's why you ramble on about this daily..

  4. You are getting closer. AIDS is a syndrome. They attach a syndrome to a virus which are always novel. What they have done with these envelope spike proteins vectors was trigger significantly increased immune deficiency. The 50 years of HIV1 research significantly increased immune deficiency and you never needed HIV. Now do an episode on Director Dr. David Tyell..The Common Cold Research Unit.

  5. stop pussy-footing around and spit out what you're trying to say.
    what are the fringe beliefs why is it considered fringe. this segment sounds like they're fare full of even speaking "wrong think". If you don't ask questions you're not a scientist . if you don't encourage questions you're not a teacher .

  6. I wish you wouldn't class those who favor treatment over prophylactic vaccine as "fringe". I was taught to question authority. That means I am "fringe". That makes me cringe. Really .

  7. By inserting government, a dubious agenda and politics into the chain of information it muddied, sullied and distorted the scientific method and the way science trusts the work that came before. Unfortunately for many reasons we didn't question that information that came before and considering the source being government, we should have really pushed back. The issue is no one wanted to be called an anti vaxxer, a luddite or jeopardize their grants or their reputation. It's unfortunate that a large portion of people in labs trust government far too much to the point that the rest of us were instantly marginalized and heads were put on pikes as a warning to toe the line or suffer the consequences.

  8. I just got a strike for saying that air can pass through holes large enough to accommodate my finger. Such basic obvious physics could be proven and tested by a child. It would probably not be controversial if it had nothing to do with a certain mandatory facial adornment and its associated narrative.

    What does it even mean to be American if we don’t fight back against such tyrannical nonsense?! Have we gotten so weak that we can’t stand up call out this bullshit for what it is?

  9. This rising far left ideology has effectively broken the valid method of science and turned way too much of it into a biased narrative driven political pseudoscience.

  10. When science is not questioned it becomes ideology; in essence it becomes scientism. Thanks to all the scientists out there who still question and those who questioned but are no longer with us.

  11. Judy Mikovits, (the name no one can mention, completely destroyed by the establishment, did'nt pull any punches, written off. Had some incredibly incriminating information to share, and shared it with no fear of the consequences, and suffered them, in order to do what she felt compelled to by her notion of duty…) was also very highly qualified, and had the real dirt on Faucci and his agendas, now completely discredited and ruined. Probably had no small claim to a large percentage of the work the Montagnier was given all the credit for also, with regard to her work concerning the treatment of HIV and Aids.

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