From Hunter’s laptop to ‘Havana syndrome,’ Russiagate disinformation hits new low

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Glenn Greenwald weighs in on a series of new embarrassments for the Russiagate disinformation campaign targeting the US public: Hunter Biden’s laptop confirmed; Hillary Clinton’s lawyer indicted; and ‘Havana syndrome’ debunked. Plus, the CIA’s war on Julian Assange.

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  1. I’m partway into the Bidens book, and the whole family sound like a low-grade mafia-hustle family just out for capitalizing on political potential. In short, “sleazy.” Unsavory. Unappetizing. Smells of stinky cheese. Not quite “in the gutter,” but definitely “not out the top drawer.”

  2. That entire 'political battle' is all about maintaining the illusion of democracy to the public, on behalf of corporate actors who control the two 'brands' (Democrat and Republican) . That's the hallmark of this capitalist system – to keep all funds flowing upward to the few and powerful.