From MARSOC to the Mozart Group | Andrew Milburn | Ep. 174

Andrew Milburn returns from Ukraine

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  1. History is full of idiots like this who earn a living nibbling around the edges of a violent conflict for some politicians who have ulterior motives. If there had been peace in 2014 it would have been of no use to these characters.

  2. No mention of Ukrainian troops killing fellow Ukrainians in 2014, and the reason for Russia's involvement in Ukraine. Not a positive comparison to Wagner Group, at all. Nothing but bravado talk from men who enjoy killing! Big fail!

  3. I guess Andrew was full of crap or just delusional from too much booze and pub mix nuts. Extract from an article a couple of days ago…

    "Retired Marine Corps Colonel Andrew Milburn, who leads the American mercenaries, explained that members of his group cannot stay in hotels now because they are being targeted by Russian missiles. As the name suggests, Mozart Group was intended as a counterpoint to Wagner, but was unable to provide decent opposition to the Russian PMC.
    Now, suffering from constant attacks and taking losses, the head of the Mozart Group seeks to show his audience that the purpose of their presence in Ukraine is purely humanitarian, their activities are in no way related to any other foreign PMCs.

    Milburn also says that the defenders of Bakhmut “have an acute regeneration problem”, which means the inability to get new recruits in time.

    Finally, the Mozart Group leader is compelled to admit that he will likely be forced to curtail his activities early next year because of it.

    LOL x 10000

    P.S. Russian special forces units are light years ahead of US troops. Absolute trash talk.

  4. He says at (28:00) "Think about how we tackled the whole problem of the Cold War." Yes think about that ….
    During the Cold War the US let loose the CIA operated by a hardcore fundamentalist religious nutjob (see Weiner, 2012 "Legacy of Ashes: History of the CIA"), who destabilized foreign nations all over planet. We supported dictators, interfered where US corporate interests where challenged by people's movements. We contributed to the murder of tens of millions of innocent people because they were leftists (see Bevins, 2020 "The Jakarta Method"). We bombed & decimated every town North Korea establishing a nuclear enemy. We killed a million civilians in Vietnam and drove our economy into recession doing it. We built a nuclear weapons edifice that sat on a hair trigger ready to commit world genocide and had to be disassembled at huge cost. The whole time we propagandized and manipulated (see Weiner, 2012 "Enemies, History of the FBI" ) the US citizenry about bs exceptionalism until it could not think straight about foreign nations.

    That's how we tackled the Cold War, and that's why Neocons have us wasting our national efforts in Ukraine.

  5. Congratulations, this was clipped and used in Russian propaganda today. Was on Solavyev Live. Your drunk chatter made you the mascots for Russian mission against “evil, corrupt, fascist Ukrainians who are on “Anglo-Saxon” dog leash”.

  6. "It's about allowing Putin in the 21st century doing whatever he wants" This statement right here is why every one in the world that is not the UK Germany and France don't stand you. Who are you, the most corrupt and genocidal state in the last 200 years to dictate what is right or wrong and how other countries and people should live their lives?
    There will come a time when you will finally understand that, but it will be too late for you.

  7. The way they describe russians and Putin, I think this guys are slightly delusional. It stems from this delusion that Russia is a bad guy and that nazis don't exist and that ukros aren't killing pro-russian civilians. US has been training western audience with lying propaganda and demonization of russia for a long time. What this guys need to do is not just listen to Putin, but to hear him, because that's what "the west" was doing all this time, just listening. Clearly this war is not about crimea, ukraine or anything else, but about demilitarization of Russia. That's what US wants. What this guys also needs to ask themselves, what if Russia didn't do anything? 13 CIA bases on the border with Russia in a country with same language… Russia would be destroyed from inside. Navalny was just a test. Lets not forget "alternative PM of belarus", living in Latvia. US can't attack Russia directly, they would use Ukraine to destroy it from within.

  8. to your information Andrew putins propaganda used a piece of this video in their todays news translating your words ripped out of the whole contest like you absotely hate Ukraine and despite having ukrainian flag on your backpack you absolutely hate that nation, all these words were said on russian federal TV Russia-1 in prime time russian news with the nationwide audience.

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