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G’day to you all, the documents below are templates for cease and desist orders specifically created for Australian doctors/pharmacists etc (Providers) and other healthcare related entities, and also a numer of education related leters and letters to general businesses. They reference crucial laws that highlight the unlawful nature of lockdowns, the quarantining of healthy Australians and the crimes potentially being committed by injecting our people with untested vaccines. Please identify all the providers in your neighbourhood participating in the roll out and send them this letter.

You need to fill in their name and sign the letter then email it directly to them and if you like you can send it slow mail through the post as well. Further instructions and more letters for other professions e.g. police, politicians and lots more, will be available soon. Please check back often. It’s time we all united under the law.

A list of downloadable letters are available below. Please review the instructions for how to best use these resources.

Additional letters and resources are also available on other sites – we are linking those of the Concerned Lawyer Network here for our member’s benefit: Concerned Lawyers Network Resources

instructions for using these letters

Cease and Desist Letter for Doctors (fillable PDF)      – HTML Version      – Text Version      – Word Version

Cease and Desist Letter for Pharmacicts (fillable PDF)       – HTML Version      – Text Version      – Word Version
NOTE:To locate pharmacies that are involved in the CV19 roll out, please go to

Police Whistle Blower Letter

Advisory to military and police personnel (fillable PDF)       – HTML Version      – Text Version      – Word Version

Cease and desist letter to Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (fillable PDF)       – HTML Version      – Text Version      – Word Version
NOTE:The letter to the TGA that goes with the the AHPRA document above TGA Letter

Cease and desist letter to Australian Teachers and School Employees (fillable PDF)       – HTML Version      – Text Version      – Word Version

Audiology Letters (Word docs) : Cease and desist letter to Audiology Australia       – C&D for Australian College of Audiology      – C&D for Macquarie University

Qantas Letter (Word doc) : Regarding treatment of Graham Hood

Governor General Letter (Word doc) : Appeal to Governor General Hurley

Parents Letter to Teacher (Word doc) : Parents letter to teachers

Letter to Educational Entities (Word doc) : Letter to any educational related parties e.g. School Principals

Cease and Desist letter to​ any Business (Word doc) : Cease and desist letter to any Business

Politician Letters (Word docs) : Pollie Request doc (more amicable)       – Pollie Demand doc (more confrontational)

More Coming Soon…

NOTE: The letters above are provided in various formats for ease of download/print. At the request of the community, we have also included versions which you can copy and paste and modify if desired to add/remove content. These Letters are YOUR communication to the recipient, modify them to suit your own desired message, there is no requirement to use the draft provided – its just a starting point. But it may also be entirely appropriate to send the draft as your final (adding the addressee and your salutation of course).

NOTE: If you wish to remain anonymous when sending cease and desist letters via email, you can use a disposable temporary email address like the ones available at which provide temporary email addresses, with no registration, valid for 1 hour, to help you avoid spam.

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