Frustration with Dan Andrews ‘is building’ in Victoria as thousands protest

The Menzies Research Centre’s Nick Cater says the “frustration is building” against Daniel Andrews in Victoria as the state sees its “biggest middle-class protests” against a Victorian premier in decades.

“These are people whose lives have been disrupted, whose children have been denied proper schooling and have been separated from relatives,” he told Sky News host Chris Kenny.

“This frustration is building. I don’t think it’s yet enough to topple Daniel Andrews.

“But … as far as I can see this is the biggest middle-class protests against an intransigent Victorian Premier since 1967 when people took to the streets to protest against the hanging of Ronald Ryan in Victoria,” he told Sky News host Chris Kenny.

“This is a serious thing.”


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  1. Channel 7 presented a couple of people claiming that that Scott Morison should show some leadership by supporting the vaccine mandate. More likely that Scomo would be a great leader by supporting his: "There will be no vaccine mandate in Australia". Keeping his word would show great leadership and preserve people's liberties.

  2. Its not frustration, its absolute hatred towards Andrews. When this is over he will have to move out of Australia being one of the most hated people in the country. He is the only virus in the country along with the PM and the police.

    • Report them here and ring the Humans Rights Commission 1300 656 419 and make a complaint – get a file number to make sure it sticks. I got told by my local AG Warehouse in a rural town pop. 1200 not to come back. Ive been shopping there for 21 yrs and know all the staff.

  3. What do you mean Kenny that NSW has had the lightest controls. People are being fired from work for not getting vaccinated. Mandates are Evil Control by Tyrants. Not Science. They all go to go!

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