FULL: Andrew Doyle on the Progressive ‘Woke’ Left | Matt Goodwin Subcast

Matt Goodwin’s Subcast welcomes Andrew Doyle to discuss his new book The New Puritans.

They discuss what is happening to the progressive left and why so many people today are intolerant of those who hold different views.

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  1. The British are unique – they created the modern world – and they did a good job. They abolished slavery everywhere, even in places where it had been endemic for over a thousand years or longer. They ushered in the Industrial and Computer Ages.

    Of course they were/are not perfect – who is – so who exactly are their detractors comparing them with – I'd love that question to be asked more – who should we aspire to be like? Which nation is better – which nation has a history that we should admire?

  2. The man-hating nation-hating BBC will despise having to show a straight white man being crowned a King. And think of all that "white privilege" on display lol. At the coronation, expect to see the lefty organisers pack the event with as many woke motifs as they can find.

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