FULL VIDEO: Violently attacked by ANTIFA at Melbourne protest

A small, violent group of counter-protesters lash out at independent media as hundreds of thousands rally against pandemic powers. Help with security:
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Written by Avi Yemini

Proud Ozraeli


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  1. It's pretty interesting how a person can get attacked, and the police will aggressively manhandle the victim and not the attacker, claiming it is for his own safety. Then the victim, and not the attacker, is told they have to leave the area. What kind of messed up justice is that?

  2. Disgusting worms. The crocodile tears they'll shed when the system is enforced they're directly responsible for will be bittersweet for us. We will be happy that we're right, but will probably have to ask the elite overlords to even taste the tears in the first place. NWO coming.

  3. I'm disgusted not only at those unhinged idiots assaulting Avi…but also by the police response, especially after what they showed they're willing to do at the Freedom protests. What a disgrace

  4. Avi should of asked that cop why they aren't arresting the people assualting him right in front of them. Avi was jerked off by the cops for doing nothing wrong, while his soy and rage filled assaliant walked off unscathed. Complete bullshit.

  5. Just like they do here in the US, they will side with the mob because it’s easier for them to control you than it is to confront the violent criminals. Keep “backing the blue”, it’s been working out great so far.

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