Fully Jabbed Chris Rock Gets Coof Then Tells Everyone to Get Jabbed?!



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  1. 'a dangerous theory called "natural immunity." now it's going mainstream.' uhh….it's not a theory and it's been mainstream for a very very very long time now. does that moron even journalism?

  2. Dude ,this virus is created and released at the People
    You,dont think they are going to do that again.
    Wait and see.
    They brainwashed almost everybody with variants
    They will release another virus

  3. While they have us all talking about Vax or unvax. They getting ready to pass a law to monitor every bank account with 600 dollars in it and report all transactions to the IRS. Good luck. Peace.

  4. YES Honest and true and said as a joke Natural imunity is way better and it works with or against whatever you put in your body. Still they know everybody that has gotten that shot understands what we don't see they says work. Yet they never proved the safer and protected against the virus. They don't even know the reason they took it most of them but still they think they are doing the right thing. They tell you anything Heeey it's shot number 3 junkies let's mix a match them!! Here we come bomb rush!!

  5. I had a smallpox vaccine as a child. I never got smallpox, even though we traveled outside of the US for my father's State Department job. I was also vaccinated against measles, mumps, and pertussis, then polio, and never contrated them. No one ever talked about any of them morphing into other strains, and never worried about it, so how come as soon as the c-19 vax came out, they began talking about variants?

  6. Everybody has it wrong when it comes to Wayfair. They aren't selling the kids. They are selling furniture that has been made with a kids skin (leather). Like McCaulkin said it is the most expensive leather on the planet. That's why they paint pictures of kids wearing red shoes. It represents shoes made from kids skin. If you haven't seen that interview with McCaulkin, then I suggest you check it out. Be warned though, it will make you want to do bad things, to some so-called Elitist.

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