Fully Vaxed Oscar De La Hoya Ends Up In Hospital With Coof



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  1. Funny, I believe it's West VA, the governor making PSAs discussing how bare minimum 25% of hospitalizations right now are jibbed. Which makes sense, since the inventor of the jib and a Nobel Prize winning vir-ologist is saying people will get MORE sick if they're jibbed. Gee, they were right, but the media's not reporting it, I wonder why??????

  2. Sure, sign up for a jab that is promoted by pyscopath mass murderer Fauci. If everyone is vac'd, then everyone will be sick. They can't have the purebloods the only ones not sick.

  3. Good thing he got vaxxed otherwise he probably would have died, because they keep telling us the vax makes it a much weaker infection. Tell me when you have a virus that most people have little to no reaction when not vaxxed, they then get vaxxed and have little to no reaction. How do you know the vax made it better? You don't. It is not provable. This is a very basic lie than anyone with a brain should be able to see. There is no way you can prove or test that the vax lesses the outbreak of a virus. You don't know what it would have done if you were not vaxxed. It is a LIE. Wake The F**K Up you idiots who believe this crap.

  4. He has side effects 🚫💉💯 but they won’t say because then they have to document it 🚫💉 he will be sick for life . It attached to his lungs 🫁 he probably has scare tissue now

  5. The gravity of the situation is that people have been subjugated to obey the globe lies 👹. Therefore they are going to bend over for more experimental booster shots 💉 and will continue wearing two diapers on their beautiful faces while believing that they live on a FAT BALL LOST IN the vacuum of space tumbling towards a Black 🖤😆but of course I am just a flat EARTHER and I don't know what I am talking about 😆

  6. So much marxist anger against the "unvaxxed". "They spread the virus…" And yet the vaccine makers now admit it doesn't stop you from getting the virus – or from spreading it. As usual the marxist line is bs, preying on the weak minded. In my wife's small circle EIGHT fully vaccinated persons have been hospitalized with covid in the last few months. Five died, the last two within hours of each other. We are all in our sixties but even then…

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