Fully Vaxxed Colin Powell Dies of Coof Complications



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  1. All I remember was him and john Bolton tag teaming Iraq to the U.N.
    So, Why are we firing non-Vaxer's? I know it can't be about control or grooming for a lockdown during the election. Because that would be wrong.

  2. 4:50 So you're saying that something they called a vaccine and administered to people actually made them sick? A vaccine that was approved by the FDA without any large-scale studies?

  3. Powell was speaking out against the war criminals actually. His name was never imc li used with Cheney bush and co. But good job covering up for the criminals. Powell was nothing like.mccain. amd no, lefties arent defending powell

  4. Salry is so full of shot. Powell was not in the same class as McCain bush and Cheney. He has been actively speaking out against these people. Look it up. Rather than swallowing saltys bullshit wholesale. And maybe read somewhere besides your echo chambers

  5. Speaking from fsmily experience..the brainwash is solid medicinal media. Zero critical thought…u can't talk them out of it at this stage. Which is proof of intentional sublimination of the nation rico suave that's alot of heads to roll

  6. A Rommel funeral for one of the men who lied us into the Iraq invasion. The only way this guy died of Covid is if Covid is a brand of rope.

  7. I don't know if you're aware of this your Royal saltiness but China's just developed a supersonic missile, and viewing from a tactical standpoint what with The Californian libtard agenda, perpetrated by the Marxist regime here in the United States, I feel for you bro. Woofkoof should be the least of your problems get out of California while you still can brother. You know as soon as communism takes over there in California you're "free thinking job" will soon be at an end, as you head towards the gas Chambers. I love and respect you brother, please I beg of you.

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