Funding Zelensky is Going to Destroy Us

The ideological capture of britain is complete

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  1. Ever get the feeling Ukraine dose not care about its people and this is all a way to funnel tons of money with a percentage going to he leadership so they can run away when Russia retakes it.

  2. I generally agree, but you, Carl, have tried pretty hard to excuse Russian aggression. I'm not saying we should give until our own citizens suffer, but I heard you on Sitch and Adam trying REALLY HARD to justify naked Russian aggression. Then when you were disagreed with, you dismissed their opinions because they were American. You really stepped on your dick in that one.

    My point is, that I'm not sure how much of your opposition is about economics, or politics (I know there's a lot of overlap).

    That being said, we wouldn't be as justifiably bothered by over the top Ukraine economic support if we weren't already being screwed a dozen other ways (looking at you, foreign funded environmentalists).

    Personally, I'm more happy to support Ukraine against Russian aggression than I am to pay double or triple my energy bill because some hippies want to save some obscure lizard or whatever…or donate to gender studies classes in Pakistas, or pay for felons "sex change" operations etc…

  3. Have you seen the size of the Glory Holes in Ukraine…funny when the war in iraq or chechnia cost didnt increase like today. Fish & Chips, 30 quid …what are they wrapped in, gold foil? So instead of long term loan, we must pay then if they survive they pay us back…will the uk government ever pay us back? Any Free Energy coming out of Ukraine?

  4. Russia's aim is the demilitarisation of Ukraine. This has not happened because of Western arms flooding into Ukraine. However, the West is rapidly becoming demilitarised because of that. Additionally, the West has put so much money into Ukraine that they effectively have nothing left for themselves. Obviously, our Dear Leaders have failed miserably to look forward to the risks of their sanctions policy. Russia, on the other hand, has apparently wargamed almost every scenario and prepared.

  5. 1. 0:47 This "Liberal World Order" they're fighting for isn't very liberal.
    2. You want to fix businesses shuttering, inflation and the cost of living? Just stop printing money.
    3. 9:14 That nuclear power plant was closed because of the stigma against nuclear power.
    4. I too don't support Putin but also don't support Zelensky. Having said that the w*r has slown to a stalemate. If the west wants to win this they should put boots on the ground.
    5. And having said that why is Putin waging a fratricidal w*r against Ukraine?
    6. Britain getting food shortages is not news to me. There's gonna be riots this winter because of the shortages.

  6. The whole western world is being thrown under the bus. They wanted a great reset – and they're having it – no matter the cost. Klaus Schwab watched too many episodes of Star Trek and thought, we need to do that. Great. What a beautiful place we will live in. But billions died getting there. Billions WILL die getting there. Except them of course.

  7. Funding Selensky is going to destroy us.
    Welcome to the club.
    At least you're not forced to keep Finnish companies alive with your hard earned money.
    But maybe that's just a matter of time too….

  8. The EU/UN Aristocracy are bleeding us dry while genociding us out of our indigenous homeland. We desperately need the BNP/Patriotic Alternative to take Iver and destroy democracy.

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