Further Provoking Russia, Biden Announces Ukrainian Troops Will Be Trained ON US SOIL

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Written by Kim Iversen


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  2. 'Backward Nike hats and 4×4 trucks'

    Holy crap, homie nailed it. The outfit Im with was heavily involved in taking down Blackwater, for whatever that was worth. They were basically a gang. They recruited like a gang and operated like a gang. They specifically sought out ex-soldiers that had been in unnecessary gunfights and cops with excessive force complaints and multiple shootings. They were a biker gang with rocket launchers. My employer participated in a covert DoD audit of circuit contractors in Iraq, under auspice of an exchange and cross-training program for PMCs, after a bunch of Dyncorp shenanigans Afghanistan. Id say good riddance, but like roaches, you never really get rid of the vermin.

    To be clear, there were some really good guys with them, doing good work. But in this case, a few good apples don't redeem the rotten bunch.

  3. What is wrong with this lady? Biden Provokes Russia! I do not know what you are smoking this time? All parties are responsible for this conflict, however Russia’s actions since the start of the war is not excusable!

  4. People being afraid of "provoking" Russia is what led to this war. You all have conditioned the minds of Russian leaders that if they get provoked other nations fear — that's what caused Russia to be aggressive as if they own the whole world. No more! Stop this lie.

  5. The Russians will take out Americans by proxy in Africa because Africans support Russia so will not blink if Afrcom American forces are attacked on African soil.

  6. this whole thing feels like a Long term post WWII plan to exhaust future possibilities of any significant Nazi resurgence. A Plan both Russia and the U.N. would have endorsed and would perpetuate. I wonder if Ukraine's Most Popular Drink is Vodka

  7. Explosions, looting, sabotage, what are the reasons? Was it all planned? Is it is an attack on Acts2:44,45 businesses? Some want to empower you with inexpensive products, so you can create and build, but others want to dominate and control. Rome said that they were going to destroy property and they are. Attacks on cement plants, stores and fuel supplies are all happening, like the huge explosion in South Africa, ports and warehouses lit on fire. The Catholic Church is the Church that rides the Roman Empire(that is why it is called the"Roman Catholic Church"). The Pope is the King of the Vatican City State that controls the Roman Empire. The Pope has 666 in Latin on his crown (vicarivs filii dei). Revelation 17,18 describes his system including what the leaders wear(Scarlet-Catholic Cardinals and Purple-Catholic Bishops, and the British Empire(UK) wears these colours also). Revelation mentions that this organization is responsible for all those slaughtered on the earth. WW2 was a war to hide their being exposed. They attacked Acts2:44,45 of the Bible, just as they are now. The Pope claims to be the head of God's Church and the British Royals claim they are the head of the Church, but neither are, but Jesus(Yeshua) of the Bible is the only head of the Church and all others are brothers. Those who follow the two legs of the Roman Empire are destroyed by God's Kingdom as mentioned in Daniel 2:44,45, Daniel12:4. Daniel showed that Rome split in to two Empires Catholic and Protestant. The lies of the Roman Church could no longer be hidden, so Rome decided to take control of the opposition. The Bible says that the true Sabbath is a sign and reinforces the covenant between God and his true followers. Protestantism and Catholicism both have the same fake Sabbath, called the "Lord's day", to mislead people in to thinking the Lord mentioned is God and that it is his Sabbath, but it is not. According to their own writings the " Lord's Day" comes the day after God's Sabbath. So people break God's law every week by observing the wrong day. That they say the "Lord's Day" comes after the Sabbath does not mean that that is true though. In Revelation God warns his people to come out of this blasphemous organization(Revelation 18:4 is there an other Church riding the Roman Empire?). Roman Catholic Adolf Hitler exterminated 12000000 under the guise of a typhus epidemic and started WW2. The same things are happening under the guise of a corona virus pandemic and they are starting WW3. Is Taiwan part of America? Taiwan has been recognized by most Nations of the world as part of China, including America(US)? Search "the one China policy"! The US has over 700 military bases around the world. Does the West/Rome/UK own every thing on earth? Canada says it's laws apply to the moon also, so the G7 seven heads of Revelation claim to own and control every thing. China and Russia observe Acts2:44,45 and The two legs of Rome are against them by all means. Revelation 20 says Gog Magog war comes after 1000 years of peace. May be every one missed that 1000 years of peace by the two world wars when Rome tried to exterminate Jews and Acts2:44,45(search "operation Barbarossa"!). God has chosen a day when he will judge the earth in righteousness and those opposing him will be like excrement strewn upon the earth. Many military men will be the food of birds. There will be pillars of smoke and fire, with heat so hot that a persons flesh will melt from their body before they have a chance to fall to the ground(Bible book of Joel). There needs to be a UN fact finding mission to see why there was a massing of Catholic Poland's military and Italy's Air force on the Polish border before the Ukraine war started! Now that is the site of the biggest military conglomeration in that area. Poland said it was to protect themselves from Russia. Russia was hundreds of Kilometers away, and separated by a completely different Country. I feel that Rome(Italy) started the war from the border of Poland. Poland had said that the military was there because Russia was sending migrants from the Middle East there. Why would the Italian Airforce be there for migrants? Migrants have a legal right under International law to immigrate from a war zone. Did Rome and Poland use military equipment like Russia's and Ukraine's and pretend to be the two, and started the war? Once the war started, Ukrainians were using NATO rocket launchers against Russians who were unsuspecting. Poland and Italy are Catholic and Zellensky claims that Ukraine is becoming a Catholic State. They have already banned the Orthodox Church there. NATO's Ukraine proxy government has banned the Russian language(which many only speak that language), banned all opposition parties, so how can this be called a fight for Democracy? Two regions which refused to be part of the "new Ukraine" voted to separate in to their own Countries, but Ukraine/NATO would not recognize them. Britain installed two Prime Ministers which were not elected, and is instituting a 15 minute from home travel limit, with out a permit. Is that freedom? (king)Charles is an illegal heir. WW2 was to hide the German Nazi that married the British Queen, instead of her taking his name, he took hers. Philip was a German, but renounced that to become a Greek citizen, and from there moved to Britain. He became a Duke out of thin air and then a prince, and then married Queen Elizabeth. Catholicism and Protestantism are two legs of the Roman Beast. The Roman Empire made Christianity the State religion after trying unsuccessfully to exterminate the true believers. The Emperor brought in all the idols of false worship in to the church as Saints. The Pope claims to be a celibate successor of the Bible's Apostle Peter, but according to the Bible, Peter had a mother in law, and if you have a mother in law, you have a wife. Jesus healed Peter's wife's mother. Paul said he chose to remain single, but could take a wife, just as Peter and the other Apostle's had done. The whole system is a fraud, that kills to stay in power. Look in to the sky Christian Nations and you will see your own Countries spraying you, not Russia or China! Remember Britain and Australia lifting all corona restrictions, only to completely lock you down? They made a (quasi)law no talking to strangers. Think! The Vatican took trillions of dollars from Countries around the world to the Vatican Bank. That loss of money will cause a deep recession/depression. That is why in Revelation/Apocalypse 18:6, it says, pay her back double for her crimes against humanity(read it!). America remember 1776! How are Protestant and Catholic Nations in a military alliance to wage war on all Countries against that alliance? What is coming is an all out war by the entire world(including the moon according to Canada) on the Roman/NATO alliance, as enemies of humanity, just as described by the very book(the Bible) and God, that they claim to follow. This is the very doctrine of the Roman General Marya. When Rome says they need to get back to the Marian traditions, that means having a military continuously at war with your own people or other Nations, as prescribed by the Roman General Marya. If a child with in the Roman Empire expresses sentiments of wrongfulness about the System, then the child's mother will be told to give the child these poisonous berries or your whole family will be wiped out(British Royals grow a variety of poisonous plants). They say the child has corona virus(corona-is Latin for crown-it means government, government-means govern your ment (govern your mind)). Wake up and think before your dead! NATO is behind the war in Ukraine, as former German Chancellor Angela Merkel mentioned. It is amazing how you can imply intentions to people you know nothing about. Careful not to go down the slippery slope to destruction! Unknowns are put in to a question based argument, so that no lines are breached, but when people imply motives and intentions to others they are breaking or about to break out of common decency and honesty. Remember the Bible's command not to lie, that came from God? Slander and lies are mortal sins, because they have far reaching consequences. Guard yourself from falling! You do not know others intentions. Jesus said that if the people didn't make God's ways known that the rocks would cry out. How do you know that artificial intelligence is not going to be used for Daniel12:4? Discretion is indeed needed though. People make movies showing frightening future circumstances, not because they are desirous of those realities, but to warn and sway people in the right direction. Fear porn, is when people hyper exaggerate circumstances for political, monetary or popular gain. Doing so, is at the expense of those slandered. It is important to speak truthful! Satanism is a tool of the Churches of Rome. They pretend that the mark of the beast(cross) exercises demons. Satanism rears its head to guide people back to the supposed security of Christianity. Most wars are perpetrated by Rome alligned Nations, including both world wars. Idolatry is strictly condemned in both old and new testaments of the Bible. Look at the top of Ste Peter's Basilica's many idols! The New Testament specifically mentions that no Idolators will inherit God's Kingdom. See the colors of those against God's in Revelation(1900+ years old writing), turquoise blue and sulfur yellow (Ukraine flag). Military uniforms in Ukraine have the satanic trident, and tanks M.O.T.B. I'm not Russian, quit attacking them! Rome said they would destroy property. Is the US using sulfer dioxide, iron oxide and silver iodide to create weather warfare? Against it's own people? Is the air traffic control problem to hide the identity of who is spraying you. Aurora comes from spraying. :;!!!!!!+

  8. Straight talk about the real situation in Ukraine + Biden/World Gov. 666 elite are psychopaths, and who are the real ones who need to be dealt with before they corrupt everything!!

  9. Are we becoming the FOB of the Nazi Nato Armada?? That's going to fucking backfire to the point that our national guard isn't called, d.c. Will immediately call Nato to fix every in-house problem they see. Do the police choose nato or the American people?? Which one will they choose to back, while always answering the call to protect D.C. and the Pentagon

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