Gaetz SHREDS ‘DESPERATE’ McCarthy Searching For Votes | Breaking Points

Krystal and Saagar discuss Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boebert shredding McCarthy and even calling out Trump while they attempt to block his speakership.

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  1. In some alternate universe politicians are smart people and this is part of a GOP power move to purposely shut down the government. lol
    In this reality how the hell are we to expect the GOP is any better at running government than the Dems if they can't even elect a speaker?
    EDIT: I hope there isn't a need for a resolution for war or any other National Security issues while this circus continues.

  2. Disappointed in the two of you. What happened Krystal? Now you see in "REAL TIME" what the Dems/progressives could have held out for in 2021 but crickets from you. The point is not that they are allegedly "extreme right" by wanting the budget balanced…how crazy? The point is they are actually not going along to get along. Saager and you say nothing about what the Dems could have done In 2021. What is going on here? Is it because your employee/ co worker Ryan Grim was against force the vote and did not call out the lie that if they didn't vote for Pelosi then Kevin McCarty would be speaker? I thought you were both here to tell the truth about both sides. Now you seem like partisan hacks covering for the progressives/Dems and your coworker. Very sad to see you both take this path.

  3. It's so funny to me that Matt Gaetz gets to market himself as a rightwing "populist" from this while not leveraging his position for something that would benefit workers. More evidence in the hallow promise of his brand of populism. He's as much a fraud as Trump was when he promised to drain the swamp. Rightwing populism is the ultimate rug pull.

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