Gaffe or Sledge? PLUS is the Thursday Public Holiday all Dan’s fault?

Was this an Albanese gaffe? Or a sledge? You decide. Between the wall to wall coverage of the passing of the Queen, some sections of the media, went out of their way to make the announcement of the public holiday political. It gives you a real insight into the lens the media put over things. What a world.


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Written by Swollen Pickles


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  1. 😏 What are the chances of the deadly virus affecting all the politicians and MSM that push the narrative and UK goes into lockdown by the end of the week for 2 weeks ( you know, flatten that curve ) 🤣

  2. Albo, I’ve listened, ive thought about it, I’ve reviewed related comments, I’ve made up my mind…..I’m still gonna say it. Albo, you’ve made your first outright call as PM, that to me is…..WRONG.

  3. as soon as it was announced the potential day was already flagged heh, because they were just waiting to know when they would be back from london

    how do they not know this?

    they're just trying to fill a now 24 hours news cycle that doesn't really contain much outside of "she died"

  4. This chan popped up in a pandemic and a did a great job critiquing the terrible then current lib gov.
    I know u probably wanna appear a bit more well rounded and keep throwing shade at the fed labour gov, and that line is a tricky one.

  5. So, what's the problem, he didn't know their names? Does anyone know these look alike TV clones? Is it there is a public holiday for mourning of our sovereign? Or are people just looking for a reason to complain?

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