Gamestop shorts lose BILLIONS, get $2 billion bailout; AND KEEP SHORTING ANYWAY!


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Written by Louis Rossmann


  1. Bought $5K at 92 today. I wasn't planning on buying anything, but after what I saw today in the morning I got triggered. It's not about the money anymore. It's about beating the hedge fund that has access to all kinds of insider tools to screw over retail. They were artificially capping the stock price at $90 for a while. On top of that robinhood increased their margin requirements making a lot of people get a margin call and forcing them to sell. They are all in fucking bed with each other. HODL ?

  2. You’re going to leave a lot of people holding bags. If Melvin shorted in the 20s or whatever, you don’t think shorting in the hundreds/thousands are even better? They want retail to jack up the price as high as possible.

  3. Louis, you are forgetting half of the history here, the gamma trap is also driving this thing up.

    ELI5: options are these things that behave more like bets than stocks. They pay you big if you win, you lose it all if you fail. For years “Market makers” a.k.a. the people selling this things (“the house” in casino parlance), have been “gamifying” and hooking gamblers up with loaded instruments.

    This people are not in the money losing business, so they buy stocks as a safety net. The higher the volatility (price variation), the more stocks they need to buy.

    WSB has effectively turned the casino against the bank and is having fun eating their popcorn as they watch them scramble.

    The shorts doubled down, to create a selloff, but the MM are buying, because all their sold calls are ITM (that’s why now it’s seating at 210$, gotta love clearing tuesday). Now the shorts will have to buy to limit their losses, but guess who sold calls yesterday. The glorious cycle of broke.

  4. what do you think the reason of showing 50K options as 50.000 might be? Is it possible to buy 50.75 options, that is less than 51?
    It is clearly 50K and he said he was going to put in a few $100Ks.

  5. You made an erroneous argument here, and honestly, I would take this down because you’re putting yourself as the front man advocating for intentional harm to an entity by market manipulation.
    Right now it feels good, but you don’t understand what you’re playing with or even how wrong you are at this very point. The SEC will not mess around.