“Gangs Have Taken Over NYC,” Defunding Police BACKFIRES (More) Riots Continue, Jewish Protests ERUPT

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Written by Timcast

Tim Pool opinions and commentary channel


  1. I don’t understand Tim. If you are already aware of the Balkanization in Chicago why do you think America is a melting pot? What you saw there is the same in almost every democratic city, mine included where all the races segregate by choice. Chinatown, Little Havana, Little Seoul etc all exist and whenever new people come in they end up moving to an area where the people of their race or former nationality live. The hostility may not be as bad as in Chicago but it’s only a matter of time because of “othering” and the news turning people against each other. I don’t the Midwest or rural areas are much different so I don’t really know where this melting pot idea comes from it’s more of a lumpy stew.

  2. Tim pool is over exaggerating the situation in NYC. Stop watching main stream media news and Tim Pool as he is sensationalizing events to meet the appetite of the conservative right wing audience acquired on this channel.

  3. If you haven't figured out yet than i don't Know what to say….these demonrats are pushing the globalist agenda…BLM /Antifa are storm-troopers the brown shirts of the luciferan agenda…aka…Globalist agenda….the democrats are evil….blm antifa are useful idiots…it is so apparent…they want nothing more than chaos & death…covid-1984 is a hoax

  4. Mass murdering psychopath mayor's kindred souls terrorize a city and the citizens are forced to beg for change. Babylon the Great will eventually self destruct and burn.

  5. I think that at this point, these riots are either serendipitous to the political leftist M/C's agenda or at least planned to some degree. The ppl that are leaving the city are ppl that would more likely vote against them. So, it has effectively left the cities in Democrat M/C's power. Eventually, this has a far reaching effect on the states and the federal gvt, as well.