Gangsters and Goodfellas: Full Audiobook by Henry Hill

FULL AUDIOBOOK! AMAZING QUALITY! Gangsters and Goodfellas: Wiseguys… and Life on the Run By Henry Hill

Henry Hill, the inspiration for the book Wiseguys and movie Goodfellas is the co-author of A Goodfella’s Guide to New York and The Wiseguy Cookbook. He lives in Los Angeles. Gus Russo, a critically-acclaimed investigative reporter ands author of The Outfit and Live By The Sword, lives in Baltimore.

In 1980, my life as a ‘Goodfella’ came to an end…I traded my Brioni and Armani suits for T-shirts and jeans. I became a normal citizen. I became Joe Schmoe,’ says Henry Hill, author of GANGSTERS AND GOODFELLAS and subject of WISEGUY, which was the inspiration for the blockbuster film GOODFELLAS.After a quarter of a century of silence, Hill can finally tell us the rest of the story, Gangsters and Goodfellas picks up where Wiseguy left off, taking readers on the crazy ride of Henry’s life – hiding out in the Witness Protection Programme, doing prison time for drug charges, testifying in high-profile, heavily guarded mafia trials, leaving his wife and children and eventually ending up in the entertainment business. Including an exclusive selection of photographs from Henry’s personal collection, Gangsters and Goodfellas also reveals Henry’s lifelong struggle with addiction, his ‘business’ relationships that have ranged from mob bosses to movie producers and how, through everything, he survived- ‘ Its been a hell of a journey, and if I hadn’t lived it myself, I would never believe it. I survived the mob. I survived the government, now I’m trying to survive Hollywood.

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  1. I grew up near the rough end of town . I saw guys driving nice cars and flashing cash too …. but within 18 months a new bunch of hustlers were on the streets …the old ones pinched or dead …. there was a revolving door that was easy enough for a kid like me to see that I had little respect for anyone who got suckered into that lifestyle . So , I do not have any respect or sympathy for this guy . I did not grow up in a major city where it was even more obvious , so if he says he didn't see its because he was arrogant and stupid .

  2. Henry was a crack pot junkie. He couldn’t even survive in the real world after he flipped. Eventually had the Lucchese’s gotten their chance he would’ve been rubbed out. The guy had no back bone.

  3. if you want to know how much of a scumbag Henry ( and Karen ) Hill were, read the book their son and daughter wrote.
    real sleazebags , losers. and that's after witsec

  4. The Mafia godfathers, if they listened to this book, probably said to themselves: If this Henry Hill knew as much as he says he did, we probably should have made him the Godfather. Either that, or we should have whacked him back when he was still wearing diapers.