Garland Favorito #VoterGA Press Conference by Nydia Tisdale 07/13/21


CREDIT: #Nydeo by Nydia Tisdale ~


#VoterGA to provide proof & review highlights of amended complaint.

Tuesday, July 13, 2021 at 10:30 AM

Roswell Office Suites
1st Floor Event Room
760 Old Roswell Road
Roswell GA 30076

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Video credit: @NydiaTisdale

Written by Garland Favorito


  1. Have they counted the actual results for Trump /Biden from the 140k ballot images and compared that to the audit results for those same 140k ballot images?

    Then we need to calculate and compare the duplicate batches and then you can get the actual real results from the 140k and compare it to what they said it was and we can get an idea of how much they cheated.

  2. I like the lady at 55:16 asking, "Where's Ruby Freeman?" Man, do I hope they subpoena her, her daughter, and "the man in the red shirt" (yep, Gabriel Sterling inadvertently ID'd him one morning in January on NewsMax).

  3. I started looking at basic numbers back in November and December of the 4 biggest metro counties and there was something that didn't look right in terms of the votes for Biden regarding the absentee ballots.

    I wish I had access to the voter rolls…someone said back in November that there were probably enough underage voters to overturn the election by itself.

    People who are okay with this because it was Trump are part of the problem. If I saw this in a Democrat Primary, I would want it to be uncovered, etc.

  4. I am wondering where are dems typical comments… Especially since all this info is public on georgia counties websites…. These guys tell everyone… Dont believe a word we say… You can review the released results from georgias courts…..

  5. Remember too – this is one (1) county in Ga. Surrounding counties on deck, but with the "population" of Fulton this maybe more than enough. Itis RICH the 180 Kemp did knowing he now fully exposed as is Raffensperger and that creep Gabriel Sterling. The Bullwhip then the Rope for all of them including the "-R"s in the Ga. state legislature who fought this. Same story AZ, PA, WI, MI, and NV (Las Vegas specifically) who thus has gotten a Free Pass.

  6. Very interesting. Thoughts about former Georgia mayor with white hair a while ago who 'earned' a usa quarter system law degree in fragmented, infiltrated and sabotaged Europe? Ever investigate pharmaceutical related in Ga? How about West Va as it's similar

  7. So does anyone know what is actually happening on the legal front in Georgia – more specially Fulton County – at the moment? I can't see to find much on whether the Judge has seen this evidence in court, or what's happening to the last minute injunction to release the ballots for better examination?

    Could someone shed some light on what's the latest, what's happening & are we even going to get more access to continue a real audit?