GAS CRISIS: Prices Rise Across US As OPEC Considers Cut | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar track the steady rise in gas prices happening across the US and how OPEC’s proposed oil supply cut could make matters even worse

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  1. As Joe Brandon ran on an anti fossil fuels pro green energy platform, he should be happy the Saudis are raising the price of oil 🛢 And saying Saudia Arabia is "addicted" to $100 oil is the same as saying the US is addicted to $50 oil!

  2. The high gas price in Mexifornia is caused by "supply issues" of their own making due to their extensive environmental rules, restrictions on new refinery construction, and heavy state gas taxes!

  3. Do you all understand that US oil producers are charging the OPEC+ set price for oil produced IN AMERICA ???
    ""We produce more oil and gas than any other country in the world." This was confirmed by the Energy Information Administration. The EIA listed the U.S. as the top producer, with 18.61 million barrels per day, equivalent to 20% of the world supply."
    "In 2021, the United States imported about 8.47 million barrels per day (b/d) of petroleum from 73 countries."
    "The United States imports 37% of its oil consumption …"
    "In 2021, the United States exported about 8.54 million b/d of petroleum to 176 countries and 4 U.S. territories."

  4. Breaking Points coverage similar to CNN. Americans are being fleaced by US oil cartels & not a mention from Krystal & Sagaar. US is #1 producer, other high producing countries provide gas at less than half the US price to their citizens.
    Look here for the real story 👇

  5. I love how Sagaar says the reason for western states having higher gas is because the distance of refineries. It couldn’t have anything to do with the Democrat policies of taxing gas at extreme amounts to pay for stupid worthless programs that never pan out. Nope, nothing to do with that. . .

  6. Again, do NOT understand why gas prices in U.S. has not go back down to 2-3 dollars a gallon when the price of a barrel was down to $60. Now it's $86/per barrel and its still up almost $5/gallon. So all that extra charge is pure profit regardless of the price of barrel?
    I live in Vegas and our arms are up in the air wondering HOW we are getting screwed by the charge even though we see the price per barrel dropped over the last few months.
    The U.S. should have done a mass purchasing the last few months of barrels of oil when it was cheap $60/barrel. To beef up our inventory but nope politicians have zero foresight and only latch onto issues most citizens don't hold as priority for the midterm elections.

  7. I'm loving it!!! Sorry ass Joe Biden and it's sorry ass Democrats…. They better start going back to Saudi Arabia. And kiss 💋💋💋 ass to the King 👑👑!!! Let's go Brenden!!

  8. It's absolutely insane that these criminals are allowed to stick it to millions of people who are already struggling just so they can keep exorbitantly high profit margins. Making millions of already struggling people suffer more to keep profits high? No problem! Demanding private companies eat some of the cost instead? >gasps< "Heresy!"

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