Gas Expert: 6 DOLLAR A GALLON PRICE Very Likely Nationwide | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar are joined by gas and energy prices expert Rory Johnston to take a deep look at the surge in gas prices across the west and how much higher they will go for Americans nationwide

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Rory Johnston:

Written by Breaking Points


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  1. Im keeping an eye out for all the full size trucks that have been overpriced for the past few years after people try and get away from them gas guzzlers like the plague

  2. Why is Saudi gas viewed as more moral than Russian gas? Why hasn't the West used any of these economic and financial tools against other authoritarians, or wars going on? Why haven't they cut off those who support civil wars, war lords, spread violent ideologies, etc.

  3. If we don't get there it will be because the economy completely tanks long before hand. This is the end of the long bull cycle we have had and it's all going to come crashing down

  4. Donald Trump made the US energy independent, and traitorous trash Democrats ruined it in ONE YEAR. We need to rise up against this government.

  5. Just a friendly reminder that Biden and his merry band of Democrats killed the Keystone pipeline, made impossible to build new, safer nuclear reactors and had all but declare war against the local oil industry while Republicans Made the USA a major oil producer, so, decide who want to vote in congreso, lets go Brandon !

  6. This whole mess was caused by Hillary's Ukraine Coup, NATO, and Ukraine. But the MSM is Hiding those facts. Oil is a global market, so even if we don't use a Lot of Russian oil, the global price will spike. Also, the market prices forward. That's why gas is going to really spike.

  7. man, I can't wait to see the destruction of the democratic party at the mid-terms. It's going to be insane. Not that I am happy of a red wave because Republicans are awful as well. Sad we don't have a better option.

  8. Could be wrong but if the government highly pressured businesses to push every worker who can work from home as well that should help a good deal as well along with drilling more in the US

  9. Lets calculate shall we. How many gallons does you tank hold ? 15 gallons ? What is the difference in price from previous to what is coming ? $2 per gallon ? Surely we can suffer that minor expense to help stop the slaughter of the innocent in Ukraine. It isn't as if the rise in price is permanent. We spend that amount at Starbucks in a week.

  10. Come on you guys…the truth about the spin and how it is being used to get US citizens to be willing to pay more for gas and oil based sercices and goods.

  11. We should just buy oil from Iran, or Venezuela. No, wait, we should all just drive electric cars instead. Elections have consequences. I hope the idiots who voted for Brandon are happy.

  12. Time for all the people who went back to the office to go back home. I commute 60 miles round trip 5 days a week. I'm in food service so I have to commute. Assuming an average 200 miles a week per person, 25mpg per vehicle, for every 1 million people who worked back at home we use 8,000,000 less gallons a week.

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