Gas Prices Continue to Soar as Bidenomics Crushes the US Public


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  1. Remember how Joe always says "the buck stops here!"? I just watched a clip of him responding gleefully (when asked about gas prices and inflation): "Can't do anything about it now, it's Russia's fault." He sounded like a fucking kid. he sounded all-too-happy to have an excuse for his terrible energy policies. I hate the guy. I swear, I hate him.

  2. Rising interest prices, very high inflation, high taxation and a looming recession whether intentional or not will result in lower home ownership and a large movement into renting from mega corporations. We are shifting the economy into Feudalism all over again and I believe it's intentional. I can only hope we can vote enough rogues into office to turn it around, but it's going to take public awareness of what is happening and a mass movement of pissed off people like we've never seen to overwhelm the system.

  3. Walk to work, but first carry your infant to daycare, then walk to work. WTF! Styx, what happened after they said let them eat cake? The elite are pushing the most deranged to the limit. It's not going to end well.

  4. It looks like a wave parabole. We have one president who is pro-economy (which is really the result of stimulating people's direct wellbeing) to then be knocked over by an empty establishment suit who will re-impose the regime of mass screwing over the working class, to then be removed through whatever means and make way for a new pro-economy pro-wellbeing president. Strange, but predictable.

  5. Supposedly "most Americans support the sanctions even though gas prices are higher". Yeah, bullshit! Sanctions mean nothing. Gas under Trump was lower because we DRILLED OUR OWN OIL! Open the pipeline! Open the wells! Drill our own oil! Open up the coal mines! But leftoids are too damn stupid to figure it out. Let's Go Brandon!

  6. To anyone confused about export and imports of oil in the US, I'll explain. Most of what we import is really dirty, nasty cheap oil. New refineries can't process it because it will gunk up and break their equipment. The US I one of the only countries that still has old refineries in working condition. My grandfather and husband worked at the longest continuous running refinery in the US. We import their dirty oil and process it into perfectly useable gas that sells at the same price that clean oil produces. We make a TON of money from it. In exchange, the US puts some of it's clean oil on the global market and that's our exports. If we stopped doing that, that yucky oil is now unusable which would drastically reduce the future global supply and would drive prices astronomically high. A lot of people think all oil is equal, but it is not.

  7. I am old enough to remember .10 cents per gallon, The price exploded in 1973- 74 because the US supported Israel's military adventures. 1975, That is when the Strategic Oil Reserve was conceived, not for the benefit of the people of the United States, It was to supply Israel even if the American people had to do without….Read it for Yourself.

  8. my entire family believes this is because of the Russia sanctions. idk how to get them to see its Biden but all they seem to care about is hes "a catholic and he should be ashamed of supporting abortion"

  9. What the idiots don't get is that we have enough lithium in the world to exchange each combustion car for an electric, and then that's about it. And we still have no way of recycling used up rechargeables into reusable. The EV is a pipe dream for Star Trek wannabes, just like nuclear. If we built nuclear on the scale they're demanding half the US would be uninhabitable within 2 generations.

    As for the lithium, not to mention, if we mined it all the planet ecology would be in some deep shit. Lithium doesn't mine clean yet. And we would be grossly dependent on China for much of what is explored and ready to mine, and the ecological effects already made them 180° on all of it even after setting up huge stimulus plans for businesses that get China exporting batteries, solar panels, anything so-called "green". The ecological effects of ramping up lithium mining made them nope out almost immediately and pull all these stimulus rugs out from under their own small businesses and startup industries.

    Not to mention 80% of Americans can't afford a fucking EV. Liberals are brain dead.

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