Gas Prices Soar as Biden Celebrates an “Incredible Transition”

A WEF sponsored globalist transition from sanity to slavery:

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  1. The conversation goes a bit like this:

    Them: Just get an electric vehicle.
    Me: Can't afford one.
    Them: Okay, well, just move to a city that has public transportation.
    Me: I can't afford to move or live in a city.
    Them: Then you'll just have to adapt somehow. Goodbye.

  2. The only things you're dead wrong about are electric vehicles and renewable energy. Nuclear is currently a better idea for large-scale things like cities, but people are absolutely able to power their homes with solar, wind, or hydro power (if there's running water on their property), and they can store that power effectively as well with things like Tesla Powerwall. I know people who live completely off-grid that way and don't experience power outages. They have no electric bill. People are also able to power their electric vehicles that way. The only reason aside from cost (which is also not as high as you've been saying) to prefer a gas-powered car over an electric one is if you want to be at the mercy of the fossil fuel industry, the market, and the government, because you can never get fossil fuel independent of any of them and the prices can go up so high that your lifestyle is impacted negatively by it, as we're seeing now. What you're saying about renewable energy for individual use (I'm not talking about powering New York City or anything like that, I'm talking about some family living off-grid in the woods) would've been true a decade ago but is outdated now. Also, even if you're not getting your power from renewable sources that you already own, if you do the math, it's cheaper (particularly right now, but even during the Trump economy) to have an electric car than it is to pay for gas. In plenty of places in the US and Europe, charging stations are actually free to use, and even when they're not, they cost less to use than getting the equivalent range from gas. I'm not saying everyone should switch to them, but people need to recognize how many options people have for electric independence these days instead of acting like our only option is to rely on the fossil fuel industry for everything. Doing that is no better than saying gardening is pointless for everyone just because it wouldn't be able to feed entire cities on its own.

  3. Democrats think making everyone poor will get voters to vote Democrat…
    Democrats think calling the majority of voters denigrating names will get voters to vote Democrat…
    Democrats think they can continually cheat their way into power and the people won't notice…

    The Democrats are stupid enough to believe that everyone is dumber than they are. Stupid people always think they are smarter than everyone else.

  4. Joe Biden is totally responsible for the insane fuel prices. He shut down the new pipeline & forbade fracking. Has not opened any public lands for exploration or put any federal lands open for lease bids. He's done this to woo the extreme environmental crowd like Earth First & Sierra Club, which have simply become big corporations that can afford to pay their CEOs 8 figure salaries.
    Neither him, his administration or these super wealthy "environmental" corporations could give a shit less about us little people.
    Just remember that barely 2 years ago the U.S.A. was exporting petroleum, now we're asking Marxist nations like Venezuela— could you please sell us some oil? And the Saudis don't want American dollars to pay for oil, they want Chinese Yuan. So much for America's hierarchy in the world.

  5. They seem to think electricity just happens by magic. What if trucks stopped going into cities where the elected officials and their cucked followers are a part of the problem. They could just drive their magical EVs to the different warehouses to pick up their orders since its so easy..

  6. 50,000 is not an affordable vehicle.. thats how much a corvette costs.. do i need to put this in perspective? thats a specialty vehicle that everyone cannot afford.. a luxury vehicle.. for rich people..

  7. The solution is to try and get the other wing of the uni-party into office ?

    The very same people that conserve nothing and do triple back flips to please Democrats, NOT their own constituents? Every time Repubs gain power, they do NOTHING, then cater to Dems. Every time.

    The very same phony opposition that 100% colluded to overthrow a rightfully elected President lockstep with Democrats we all watched them lie and scheme on Jan.6th, 2021.

    We have no republic. America is an oligarchy on the national level. Installing weasels in office that will change their hats, but push the VERY SAME DUPLICITOUS POLICIES whichever party they claim is not a choice. It's flim flam scam.

    There is no political solution to a failed state of Rentier class of (F.I.R.E.sector) unearned income financial capitalist mooches.

    The same old pilfering parasites of the middle ages are trying to force a counter revolution of neo- feudalism onto the world. READ Klaus Slob (Schwab). All of it is a redo of making the medieval Rentier Class Great Again ! That's PRECISELY what the "Great Reset" is ! Reset society to the Medieval Serfdom. Its NOTHING about any new economy. That's all false promises, talking point, blabbering BS.

    They have decline, disorder and mass misery to offer. That's it. Not only no solutions, but actually make things WORSE ! That's the totally failed elites plan.wake up. So no. Resist. Impose very high costs on the misrulers. Develop parallel economies and societies.

  8. Not to mention so many of us worked hard to be debt free, but Biden expects us to buy into a 50K plus car with their expensive battery along with more expensive energy. All will put us all back into to deep debt, thus slaves to the system.

  9. Republicans cross-dressing as libertarians are becoming a veritable cottage industry. Dems want you in jail for taxes, electricity and weed. Republicans want you in jail for taxes, weed and birth control. Voting libertarian says "jail me and you lose," and says it with spoiler votes the looters cannot ignore until they repeal some evil laws and expunge some superstitious sentences.

  10. I am so happy to pay more taxes so that rich upper middle class could drive their Tesla's to Whole foods and eat tons of expensive ice cream while I am in a lockdown. But at least there are no more mean orange tweets.

  11. Republicans will not pick up as many House seats as prognosticated – the fuckbiden crowd will plug in whatever numbers they want on the voting machines. Their ballots harvesters are itching to get to work to make some money.
    P.S. "Hillary, Hunter and Joe for Prison in 2022".

  12. Time to expel the politicians……it’s not the gas corporations that are greedy….don’t fall for that sht….they control your energy…they control you…

  13. The Davos heroes flew into Switzerland in their corporate jets (1500 or so it was reported) to save the world from climate change. Biden gives billions of taxpayer bucks to a Nazi clown in Ukraine to secure their border. Meanwhile we are invaded by the millions. The Saudis, the Russians, the American oil companies are all are getting richer as we suffer, thanks to Biden. Why are we not in the streets of Washington DC in the millions protesting this maniacal Federal Governments’ actions? I seems we are just too lazy and defeated to care. We, and I am guilty of this too, rant and rave and preach to the choir on the venues that support our “side”. But heaven forbid we call, write, or show up outside of Congress or the Whitehouse to protest. That would be regarded an “Insurrection” by the Democratic Communist Party and their SS Storm Troopers; the DC Police, the FBI, DOJ, HLS and Nancy Pelosi. They would put citizens in the Homeland equivalent of Guantanamo Bay, the DC jail, there to rot without trial or legal defense until the regime changes. Fuck up.

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