Gas Shortage Was In Headlines BEFORE The Cyberattack, Media Predicted What Would Happen

Tim, Ian, and Lydia join friend and energy expert Daniel Turner to break down how the media got such a head start on the looming gas shortage before it happened.

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Guest: Daniel Tuner, Powering The Future
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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. yep….in TN they said we were gonna have a gas shortage this summer like 2 months ago almost..on local Chattanooga news

  2. Climate change is a hoax. They've been saying for like 40 or 50 years that it's all gonna end in 10-20 years.. they've been wrong every time. They're just fearmongering to get the people to give them more power

  3. The US is full of traitorous elites who don't realize they will be prosecuted, convicted, and executed for crimes against humanity with no statute of limitations.

  4. The same shortage of truck drivers is responsible for the lumber shortage and price inflation. The lumber is there in the saw mill storage lots, it's just sitting there. You can easily do a you Tube search for proof. The hatred for the Orange Man will destroy the US. I don't care if you live on the East coast, West coast, Central States. Democrats are hell bent on destroying your livelihood. The rich (whom you hate as the root of all evil) will still retain their yachts, their multiple real estate holding, their stock holdings. NOTHING will affect the uber rich. The common worker, the guy who went to either a trade school or signed up for military service and worked all their lives to scrabble together a paltry savings is paying for them. How much support have YOU gotten from Cardi B, or Robert DiNero?

  5. The Feds have been pushing heavier and heavier regulations on truck drivers and trucking companies for a long time. My best friend is a truck driver. He started as an outlaw trucker in the 80’s. He transitioned into a company trucker. He told me the Feds only want a few long haul trucking companies because it will be easier to keep up with them.

  6. The energy issue is enourmously complex anyone who reduces it to slogans should be ignored. Elon musk is a shrewd business man,not the messiah.

  7. There's a shortage of truck drivers not only because of federal Over Regulation on Driver's but also from Municipal law enforcement agencies.
    Then add in the 2017 FEAR Porn the MEDIA put out of the Electric Driverless truck's were going into effect within a year, so many drivers Quit since they were told they would be out of a job soon.

  8. C'mon man. The fossil fuels were depleted in the 1970's. There was no manipulation to drive up prices to enrich regimes wanting the downfall of western civilization. The US will never be energy independent or drive down the price of crude oil and certainly not to the point that our enemies in the middle east would be paying us $37 a barrel to take their oil and sign 5 peace deals. C'mon man, you know, you know, the thing …
    80 million votes, most popular candidate ever.
    Definitely not corrupt and trying to destroy the country.
    One $55 gallon of Sta-Bil will stabilize 320 gallons of gasoline for upto 2 years. Will it be worth it to invest the seventeen cents per gallon?
    Back in 2001 some nutcase said to stock up on gasoline and ammunition because the hierarchy will want to maintain the option to surrender when there is an attack on US soil.
    Good thing That guy was just nuts.
    Good thing the US isn't under attack.
    Copy&paste strikes again!

  9. This was planned. I said that from the get go. Biden’s team is using it to push their Infrastructure plan. I believe this was done by someone in his administration

  10. You lefties think grass Is racist it's called a weak mindset call me what you want as me and my black and Latino friends laugh at you weirdos. Yuns say my body my choice but then want to force that vaccine that don't work on everyone. What ya except with crybaby libtards and dumocrats.

  11. There is no shortage of common idiot truck drivers which is lie made up by mega carriers. There is shortage of responsible,reliable and drug free drivers which won't work for beans.

  12. The organizations safeguarding our infrastructure are incredibly stupid and blind to attack. I was a SONET engineer for a while. I had administrative access to several SONET rings that used my company's hardware (around the world) so, I could login, reconfigure, provision, de-provision etc. I left that job (fair amount of turnover in telco) 5 YEARS LATER I went back to visit some people at the company. The PASWORDS WERE NEVER CHANGED. These rings are AT&T, Verizon, Global Crossing etc.. these rings are what 911,.. Nuclear power plant controls, DMS, Hospital networks.. the entire Internet and nothing had changed. Someone could break in and control all these rings and shut down comms throughout parts of the world… along with services thatthe lack thereof could cost lives. No concern whatsoever.

  13. The cyber attack is a smoke screen. Biden’s purposeful destruction of our economy is why we’re having the gas shortage. This is all on him.

  14. Go back to the beginning of the covid outbreak. Certain key people were already predicting rolling shut downs for years. What? How on earth would you know that? Bill Gates telling people last year that we must have vaccine certificates. There seems to be some kind of mind control strategy at work. Low key, they release what they're going to do ahead of time. It seems to be some sort of innoculation. I also think it's a message to their minions, who are not in their communications chains, to start supporting what they're doing. They can get away with this when they control the media. The corporate media just ignores it. No one raises the alarm.

  15. Nuclear power > Green Energy (Solar, Wind, etc). Look it up. In the us, whole aircraft carriers are powered by a couple of small nuclear reactors, with plenty of power left in excess to support technological upgrades, etc. if we built nuclear power plants in key areas across the country, we could generate more energy with less pollutants, compared to burning coal.

  16. Carter is NOTHING like Biden.
    Jimmy Carter is a humanitarian, a Christian, and generally an honest, nice guy. He's a terrible politician. Because he was just too damn honest.
    Joe Biden is a slime ball, who used his political positions to enrich himself and his family, and has no problem telling conflicting lies in front of multiple witnesses. He IS a terrible politician, but NOT because he is too honest, or cares too much. It's the same reason most politicians are terrible, he only cares about himself and his own.

  17. It is not unusual for Truck drivers to get the federal hours of service suspended, it actually happens just about ever winter for the drivers that are over the road drivers that haul propane or other heating fuel.

  18. A driver on twitter said that it's because they changed the laws banning anyone from being a driver if they had a previous drug or alcohol offense.