Gas Stove HYSTERIA Spreads As Libs Claim It’s Like An ‘IDLING CAR’ In Your Kitchen: Brie & Robby

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave weigh in on talks of potential proposal of a gas stove ban. #gasstoveban #oilindustry #hazard

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  1. I have a commercial style, fully analog gas range in my house. I can’t stand electric ranges. No ease of cleaning can make up for the power and versatility of a gas range.

  2. I'm sure you could run a study that "proves" small environments are harmful to children. What are we doing here? Just advocate for bubble suits and skip all the in between BS. 🙄

  3. Anyone want to sit down behind an idling combustion engine with your face about 2ft behind the tail pipe for 30 mins? Let me know if the sensation is similar to cooking over a gas stove for the same length of time.

  4. Gas stove is WAY easier to get clean. Induction scratches and stains. Gas also gets the food temperature just perfect. Like many things, I don't think it's harmful, if used correctly. Also, after they ban gas stoves, what next…gas fireplaces? This is really just nudge for the crazy climate activists. All these changes that government is trying to make in the interest of "Climate", we are now seeing are hurting the poorest people. People are having trouble heating homes during the bitter cold, energy grids can't handle the load, etc. Government never makes things better.

  5. What about water heaters and furnaces that have a pilot? Should we throw those out too? I'd be happy to trade for a new one if AOC wants to pay for it along with installation.

  6. Wait, just wait until we outlaw gas stoves, and find out induction stoves cause cancer. Then we can start all over again. You know these stories never peel back the onion and find out who's lobbying for these laws.

  7. i've worked in kitchens for 30 plus years, never once been in one that had anything other then gas and i'm still alive and don't have these problems and i know many other chefs and never seen any with these problems and we work for hours in front of gas i'll pass

  8. Everything the rich don't need will be attacked, and look around, there's almost nothing they need. They don't need roads, schools, hospitals, the electric grid or almost anything else. They'll never lack for any comfort because they can just hire someone to steal yours.

  9. I have gas stove and I have CO2 sensor, it's really not good for health,when I use my stove just for half of an hour my CO2 jumps from 500 to dangerous 1000 and my lady starts shaking like a leaf on the wind

  10. Induction cooktops emit a high level of magnetic fields. There's health hazards to any of the options, and there's certainly health hazards to freezing and starving when the grid goes down.

  11. I'd like to see some science behind "electric is much more efficient". Every time an energy form is changed there are significant loses. I'm skeptical that you can burn fossil fuels to convert them to electricity and they're much more efficient. Maybe, but let's see the science before assume his "fact" is accurate. If you're citing solar and wind electric that's an efficiency of the future. We aren't there today so you can't say "is" much more efficient.

  12. In terms of which stove is better I've heard plenty of people claim that induction is better than gas, I have no reason to dispute this however to me the biggest difference is that with an electric stove your food preparation apparatus is hooked to the grid (unless you have off-grid power). This is no big deal if you live in a city, but try living in the country. I live in rural northern California; we're getting pounded by storms right now, plenty of small towns lose electricity for days at a time. I just moved to an apartment a few months ago which has electric heat and an electric stovetop. My old place had a gas stove top and wood heat. Guess which one was more comfortable (and safer) after 3 days without power. If you want to put out all the info about gas stove hazards and let people make their own decisions great, but the fact that California is banning gas tools, gas cars, and from the looks of it could ban any combustion anything within the next few years is going to do a great deal to REDUCE the resiliency of our population to increasing natural disasters and crumbling infrastructure. Prior to this series of storms the local fire departments and county government advised citizens to stockpile wood, fill up gas tanks etc. Just a few days earlier the state government was telling people not to burn wood for air quality and how great it was that we will only be able to buy electric cars here in a few years. All while PG&E struggles to maintain its outdated, underfunded, and downright dangerous system. Its fine for all the ultra rich here with their massive battery banks and generators, but what about normal people?

  13. Times change. I prefer horse drawn carriages over gas powered automobiles. Try and take your buggy out on a Sunday for a ride through town.its impossible. Plus dangerous for me and my horse with the fumes and inconsiderate drivers. So yeah deal with the fact we won't have gas stoves. You like a flame light a fire. Cook like our ancestors did.

  14. Ah, the first world life. Where we can take time to debate the virtues of gas vs. electric for our culinary masterpieces rather than spending a couple hours each day gathering sticks or dung like the rest of the world.

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